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Goods seized from containers stranded at Sirsia dry port

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Betel nut, pomace and other items recovered from the containers stored in the Sirsia dry port complex for about 5 years have been left stranded. Even when it is opened for auction, it has become a situation that the confiscated goods are destroyed after no auction. As the Port Customs Office published 2 separate 15-day notices for auctioning those items on January 29 and February 13, no one showed interest in auctioning most of the items.

Goods seized from containers stranded at Sirsia dry port

Chief of Port Customs Office Dr. According to Ramprasad Mainali, a total of 3 auction forms have been taken from the office, but only one application has been received for the auction of offset machine. Out of the 2 notices, since the period of the first notice has expired, the homework of publishing the notice for another 7 days is being done.

The goods such as betel nuts, poppy seeds, feed supplements, sewing machines, offset machines, industrial salt, auto parts and other items were recovered from those containers which were kept at the port for about 5 years without being taken by the importers. The customs office has tried to auction the edible and usable items recovered from the container.

Those items were recovered from 391 cargo containers stored in the port premises. Before that, the customs office had published a notice and called upon the importers to get in touch. But most of the importers did not come in contact. After that, the customs office regularly broke the seal of the container and determined the condition of the goods in it.

The containers placed in the south-eastern corner and central part of the port complex without declaring for the inspection pass process were getting smaller. Some of the containers were rusted and the goods including kerau in the container were spilled outside the container. When the containers were opened properly, some of the goods in the containers were destroyed due to rotting. Most of the food items such as bananas, chickpeas were rotten and could not be used.

3 lakh 48 thousand kilos of betel nuts, 167 thousand 600 kilos of poppy seeds eligible for auction have been recovered from the recovered containers. It is estimated that the value of betel nuts is around 140 million rupees and the value of poppy seeds is around 24 million 19 million rupees.

Generality Even within 60 days of the entry of the goods into the customs premises, the goods may be auctioned if the importer does not pass the inspection. The provision is in the Customs Act 2064.

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