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Republic is the result of efforts to build a prosperous Nepal with social justice: Prime Minister


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Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal has said that the Federal Democratic Republic is not a political interest but the result of the collective efforts of transformative political forces to realize the dream of building a prosperous Nepal with social justice.

Republic is the result of efforts to build a prosperous Nepal with social justice: Prime Minister

Addressing a special ceremony organized today at Sainik Manch Tundikhel on the occasion of Republic Day, 2081, Prime Minister Dahal said that through collective efforts and cooperation, the political system has been changed and the constitution with federalism and republic has been created.

'Republic was not the brainchild of anyone, nor was it the result of a movement based on someone's political interests . This was a collective effort by the transformative political forces standing together to realize the dream of building a prosperous Nepal with social justice by destroying the discriminatory social structure," Prime Minister Dahal said. We succeeded in creating the constitution.'

With the establishment of the Federal Democratic Republic, even though a chapter of the revolution has been completed politically, Prime Minister Dahal says that the foundation and dreams on which the republic was founded, the thought and goal of the republic are still left. He mentioned that if the change in the system does not bring about a change in the condition of the common people, then the aim of changing the political system cannot be fulfilled. He pointed out that conscious and collective efforts and national consensus and cooperation on the issue of change are necessary to thwart such wrong attempts.

Prime Minister Dahal said, 'Looking at the experience around the world, the chariot of history has never turned back and it will not be allowed to happen in Nepal.' Informing that the government is protecting and developing the democratic republic and actively working for the foundation of a socialist-oriented state system, he said, 'Our main effort is to do good for the country . "Nothing will happen, nothing can be done, and we will continue to achieve more achievements." He said that the post-republican achievements in the fields of inclusiveness, freedom, socio-economic and infrastructural development have given a solid answer to those who say nothing has happened.

By fulfilling the needs and desires of the citizens, making the country an economically-socially strong and advanced nation, the effort to significantly improve the living standards of the people is gradually taking shape Prime Minister Dahal said that the government is determined to protect the national interest by adopting an independent and balanced foreign policy. He said that due to the strong relations with neighboring countries and other friendly countries and international organizations, as a result of this, it is ensured that Nepal will be upgraded from a least developed country to a developing country by 2083.

Prime Minister Dahal said, 'The campaign to reach the level of a developed nation with the goal of reaching a middle-income country by 2087 is continuing.'

Referring to the republican political system as well as the government system and lifestyle, Prime Minister Dahal said, 'The republican lifestyle has been developed and the republic has been institutionalized at the civil level . In reality, the republic is also a way of life to respect the rights of others and enjoy your rights.' He said that since the federal democratic republic has the right to local autonomy and self-determination in basic matters, the government is trying hard to deliver its benefits to the common citizens.

Prime Minister Dahal mentioned that financial and monetary policies have been harmoniously implemented to end the economic stagnation seen in recent times and said that the economy is improving as a result.

'In order to improve the investment environment, the related policy and legal arrangements have been amended,' he said, 'Taking into consideration the basic needs of the country's workers, farmers, students, etc. and made accessible.' He said that by keeping good governance and prosperity at the center, the access of all citizens to the resources of the state is ensured, frugality in resource mobilization, speed in infrastructure construction, equality in social development and simplicity in service delivery have been maintained.

In order to use the republic as a path to prosperity and for the development of a socialist-oriented self-reliant economy, it is necessary to convey the message of national unity on a larger scale and all citizens should unite and mobilize for the common good. Say it is necessary. President Ram Chandra Paudel, Vice President Ram Sahay Prasad Yadav, Chief Justice Vishwambhar Prasad Shrestha, Speaker Devraj Ghimire, National Assembly Speaker Narayan Prasad Dahal, Deputy Prime Ministers, former Prime Ministers, Ministers, heads and representatives of the diplomatic missions here participated in the


On that occasion, the helicopter of the Nepali Army displayed a banner reading Republic Day-2081 and showered flowers. In the ceremony, the Nepali Army, Nepal Police and Armed Police Force Nepal marched and a tableau reflecting the art and culture of Nepal was displayed.

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