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If we cannot confirm what has been said, we will boycott everywhere demanding the resignation of the Home Minister: Congress

The allegations made by him should either be confirmed and shown, if he cannot be confirmed, the Prime Minister should remove him. -Ramesh Ukhtar, Chief Whip, Congress

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The main opposition Congress, saying that developments have progressed since the demands of the parliamentary inquiry committee on cooperative fraud against Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Ravi Lamichhane, said that if he cannot confirm what he said, they will demand his resignation and action against him and will start a boycott movement everywhere.

If we cannot confirm what has been said, we will boycott everywhere demanding the resignation of the Home Minister: Congress

For that, the Congress has called a meeting of the parliamentary party and the central working committee of the party on Wednesday. Lamichhane, who is in charge of the Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister, on Sunday targeted the Congress General Minister Gagan Thapa in Parliament and said that there are MPs who sell state secret information. Congress has taken it as a serious accusation.

Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Lamichhane made serious allegations that even Raja Mahendra could not make during the Panchayat period, Chief Whip of the Congress Parliamentary Party, Ramesh Akhtar, said that the Prime Minister should immediately remove the Home Minister if he could not confirm it. The prime minister should either confirm the accusations he has made, or if he can't confirm it, the prime minister should remove him. If the Prime Minister does not remove it, we will go to the boycott movement everywhere," said the author, "We will proceed with a formal decision on how to present it from the central working committee and the parliamentary party meeting."

For two and a half months, the Congress had been demanding the formation of a parliamentary committee to investigate Lamichhane in misappropriation of cooperative savings. When the ruling party is not ready for that, the Congress leaders say that the agreement is moving away after Lamichhane made accusations against the Congress leaders.

In the House of Representatives meeting on Tuesday, the Congress also challenged Lamichhane to confirm the allegations against its leaders. "Home Minister, you have said that there are agents around the House who sell national information. Honorable Home Minister, who is that agent? show Badri Pandey speaking in the House said, "No, if you are making baseless accusations, we will not hesitate to expel you from this House, Honorable Minister of Home Affairs."

The Congress, hardened after Lamichhane's controversial remarks, has tightened its stance on the jurisdiction of the Parliamentary Inquiry Committee. Now we have reached the position that this parliamentary inquiry committee has no meaning. However, it will be different if the ruling party says that we accept the same jurisdiction as you said. But Congress is no place to be flexible now," said a Congress leader, "Now the question is not with the Home Minister, but with the Prime Minister. Either the Home Minister should prove what he said or the Prime Minister should remove the Home Minister.'

The Congress has taken a stand to determine the jurisdiction of the subject of investigation on Lamichhane, who was involved in misappropriation of the cooperative's savings, and his former affiliate company Gorkha Media Network and the Galaxy Television run by it. Before Lamichhane spoke in Parliament, the Congress had shown signs of being flexible. In the joint meeting of the ruling and main opposition parties called by Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal in Baluwatar, the Congress showed some signs of flexibility. Due to the flexibility of the Congress, Prime Minister Dahal formed a task force under the coordination of Law Minister Padam Giri to resolve the issue of jurisdiction.

Law Minister Giri said that the agreement has not yet been reached. He said that discussions are going on to make the jurisdiction acceptable to both the ruling party and the main opposition. "Once again, there has been a conversation to discuss in their respective parties," he said, "I have not given up hope yet." Shishir Khanal, a member of the

working group and MP of RSWP, said that it would be difficult to reach an agreement by targeting only individuals and some companies. "There is no consensus in the meeting anymore, it is not like everything is broken. Discussions are continuing on some alternatives in terms of consensus," he said, adding that the number of problematic cooperatives raised by the Congress and other MPs is 15/20. All problematic cooperatives can be investigated. We are of the opinion that it is not good to write the name of the company now as all of them will be revealed later during the investigation as there is not one company involved in the misappropriation of the cooperative's savings.'

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