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Misappropriation of Co-operative Savings: Task Force to Determine Jurisdiction of Inquiry Committee

A task force consisting of Congress joint general minister Jeevan Periyar, UML chief whip Mahesh Bertaula and RSVP MP Shishir Khanal under the coordination of Law Minister Padam Giri.
Congress's stance on jurisdiction remains unchanged and there is no in-depth discussion on the matter, says Congress Parliamentary Party Chief Whip Ramesh Ukhar

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The ruling party and the main opposition have agreed to form a parliamentary inquiry committee into the misappropriation of cooperative savings. The main dispute between the parties is the jurisdiction of the committee, which will be decided by a four-member working group. The meeting of four parties called by Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal in Baluwatar on Saturday evening reached an agreement to form a parliamentary committee. In the meeting, the Congress took the position that three cooperatives and Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Ravi Lamichhane should be kept under the jurisdiction of the committee.

Misappropriation of Co-operative Savings: Task Force to Determine Jurisdiction of Inquiry Committee

After the ruling party did not agree, an agreement was reached to decide from the working group level. To resolve this issue, it has been decided to form a working group under the coordination of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Padam Giri with Congress Joint General Minister Jeevan Pariyar, UML Chief Whip Mahesh Bertaula and RSVP MP Shishir Khanal as members. Chief Whip of the Congress Parliamentary Party participating in the

meeting, Ramesh Ukhtar said that it is positive that the UML has reached the stage of forming a committee from the position of not forming a parliamentary committee under any circumstances. He says that his party's position on jurisdiction is maintained. "There has not been a deep discussion about the mandate of the committee," he said.

Congress General Minister Gagan Thapa says that although he has taken a step forward from the situation of 'deadlock', the main thing is stuck in the jurisdiction of the committee. He said that the position of the Congress in the Parliament will remain the same until the jurisdiction is decided. It was already agreed to form the committee on Thursday. It was stopped because the issue of jurisdiction was not agreed, Thapa said.

'What we are saying is that there is no meaning in a parliamentary committee formed without jurisdiction. According to Thapa, if there is an agreement according to our proposal, the Congress will participate in all the proceedings of the House in a lawful manner. The RSVP had sent a proposal with jurisdiction on three points for agreement with the Congress on Thursday itself. The first number of the proposal is to form a parliamentary inquiry committee to solve the crisis in cooperative organizations, the second is to conduct a factual analysis of the existing legal and institutional purposes regarding the misappropriation and misuse of funds of cooperative savers, and the third is to study the individuals, organizations and companies that take unfair advantage and recommend legal action and related suggestions. was On the same day that the Congress accepted it, Lamichhane planned to propose the formation of a committee from the Parliament.

However, the Congress put forward its 'counter' proposal saying that the proposal of RSVP was abstract. Although the Congress agreed on the first point of forming an inquiry committee, on the second point, it was proposed that a mandate should be given to protect the savings of the savers of distressed cooperatives and to immediately return the at-risk and sunken savings with necessary measures. Thirdly, the Congress should be assigned jurisdiction to study the shareholders and directors including Ravi Lamichhane who is the managing director of companies such as Supreme, Suryadarshan, Swarnalakshmi and others who take unfair advantage of the cooperatives and act or help to violate the Cooperative Act. There was a stance.

Now the task force has got the task of solving this issue. Law Minister Giri said that the working group will start working on the issue of jurisdiction from Sunday. "We have agreed on forming a committee, but we will start discussing about TOR, if necessary, we will coordinate with other leaders," he said. Although there is little chance of an immediate agreement on jurisdiction, the Congress is likely to allow Home Minister Lamichhane to speak at the Parliament meeting on Sunday. We decided to let Raviji speak at the meeting on the 28th. However, there is a problem when the leaders of the ruling party take a stand that no one can speak after Raviji has spoken. If Raviji's words are not satisfied, the House will be disrupted. The author said that while the working group is working, it will be decided on Sunday about the presentation of the Congress in the Parliament. RSVP leader Khanal, who is also a member of the

working group, said that since the Congress was flexible in the direction of not naming the person last time, the issue of jurisdiction can be resolved. "However, there has been no further discussion in this direction," he said. A kind of understanding has also been reached between the Congress and the RSVP. It was stuck only in the name.'

According to another leader of the Congress, Prime Minister Dahal has suggested the option of not only naming Suryadarshan, Supreme and Swarnalakshmi but also mentioning the names of other distressed cooperatives. "As even RSWP and UML will not accept the name of the Home Minister and only three cooperatives, the Prime Minister's proposal is to either name all the cooperatives in crisis, or call them as cooperatives in crisis as a whole," said the Congress leader. We are raising questions, we have been saying that there is no point in forming a committee without entering into it. The issue of jurisdiction is still complicated.'

After the parties agreed to form an inquiry committee, Prime Minister Dahal will receive a vote of confidence from Parliament next Monday. After JSP Nepal withdrew its support to the government, he took a vote of confidence.

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