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Prime Minister's centrist proposal to break the deadlock in Parliament

The proposal to form an inquiry committee on the problems of the entire cooperative without targeting the Home Minister only, the Congress will take a decision only after the meeting of the parliamentary party

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Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal has put forward a middle-of-the-road proposal to end the impasse in Parliament. On Sunday, he proposed the formation of a committee to investigate the problems of the cooperative as a whole, not only targeting Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Ravi Lamichhane, in a discussion with Congress leaders including Chairman Sher Bahadur Deuba.

Prime Minister's centrist proposal to break the deadlock in Parliament

"Everything comes up during the investigation, when the committee is formed, it can be done without targeting the home minister, for that you have to come to an agreement," said a Congress leader, quoting the Prime Minister's statement. In addition to Congress President Deuba, Deputy President Purna Bahadur Khadka, General Minister Gagan Thapa, National Assembly Parliamentary Party leader Krishna Prasad Sitaula and Chief Whip Ramesh Lekhtar also participated in the discussion.

'When forming the committee, we are not trying to say that there are no other problems by focusing only on the home minister, we cannot agree with the fact that nothing can be done about the home minister by forming a committee only on other problems, so we are ready to find out what kind of solution can be found,' A leader of the Congress said, 'Our parliamentary party will also hold a meeting, the Prime Minister has also said that he will hold a meeting again after discussing with the power partner parties . So far, our position remains the same.

The government has already invited the President to the joint meeting of the Parliament for Tuesday to present the policy and program. According to the leaders, Prime Minister Dahal has asked the Congress leaders not to interrupt the Parliament meeting on the day of the budget policy and program to be read by the President, even though there is no agreement on the matter of forming a committee immediately. The Congress leader said that the answer can only be given after the discussion in the party meeting.

Chairman Deuba said that the problem arose when the ruling party became irresponsible to the demands raised by the main opposition. Deuba asked the question that 'the opposition should be responsible but the ruling party should not be responsible?'

Though the discussion with the Prime Minister has progressed positively in the direction of resolving the deadlock in the Parliament, the Congress has been getting suspicious due to the unruly behavior of the ruling UML President KP Sharma Oli in the direction of forming a parliamentary committee. UML leader and law minister Padam Giri said that he cannot agree with the Congress's stance of targeting individuals or investigating only such and such cooperatives.

'The practice of investigating such and such cooperatives is wrong. This causes more problems in various cooperatives. If the committee is formed in this way, it is a wrong practice and the role of the parliamentarian will be focused on the other side rather than discussing the bill and making the law, it is our conclusion that it will not help to make the parliament effective," Giri said. If the state agencies make shortcomings, it can be pointed out and moved forward. UML's argument is that they should not resort to wrong practices.

Congress chief whip writer said that they are working to protect cooperative fraudsters across the country by using wrong arguments. "Our fight continues against the behavior of the ruling party that protects the thugs and gives more pain to the victims of the cooperative, we will not back down from our position, we will remain firm," said the writer .

Prime Minister's Chief Private Secretary Ramesh Malla said that the Prime Minister has initiated dialogue with Congress leaders and power partner parties to end the deadlock in Parliament. He said that in the discussion with the Congress leaders, the Prime Minister had started the discussion about forming a committee to study the problematic cooperatives across the country without targeting individuals and specific cooperatives. According to Malla, the Prime Minister has started a serious dialogue to see whether it is possible to agree on the formation of a committee without targeting individuals and organizations.

Since then, Speaker Devraj Ghimire has also consulted with the chief whips including the law minister to end the parliament obstruction. The author said that in the discussion called by Speaker Ghimire, the discussion could not be held in a different way than the positions of the ruling party and the opposition. He said that the ruling party should act responsibly to break the deadlock in the parliament. Law Minister Giri said that in the discussion with the Speaker, an atmosphere of consensus could not be created as the Congress maintained its stand. "It is not appropriate to reduce the role of parliamentarians by forming a parliamentary investigation committee." We said that it is not good to engage the parliamentarians at the end of the budget formulation, and when the Congress says that they are firm in their position, there will be no agreement," said Giri.

Congress and RSVP leaders have also had an informal dialogue in this regard . In the informal dialogue between the Congress leader, writer, and the leader of the RSVP, Shishir Khanal, there was also a discussion in the direction of finding a middle way consensus. One of the leaders said that the leaders of RSVP are also positive towards forming a moderate committee as proposed by the Prime Minister.

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