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Confirmed through police investigation that Lamichhane embezzled the cooperative's funds, acquitted by power

Employees of the cooperative who deposited the amount according to the order were arrested
More than 13 crores 'transfer' from Supreme Cooperative of Butwal to Gorkha Media Network Pvt. Ltd., 2 crores in the name of Lamichhane
Lamichhane was given a loan by GB Rai, while Sagar KC and Kumar Ramtel paid the installments once. Rai and KC are absconding while Ramtel is in Kaski jail.

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It has been confirmed through police investigation that Home Minister Ravi Lamichhane, who has been claiming that the cooperative does not have directors, members, savers and creditors, has illegally taken the funds of the cooperative.

Confirmed through police investigation that Lamichhane embezzled the cooperative's funds, acquitted by power

Police investigating the fraud in Butwal's Supreme Cooperative have concluded that GB Rai and Lamichhane along with 'without completing the process' took loans in the name of individuals and companies and embezzled the savings. Although Lamichhane's name, amount and quality are mentioned in the investigation report, his name has dramatically disappeared from the list of defendants in the case.

The details mentioned in the indictment filed in District Court Rupandehi

On March 1, a complaint was filed with the police saying that the savings of around 10,000 savers who had deposited 1/200 to 100,000 rupees in Butwal's Supreme Cooperative had been embezzled. After 1 thousand 828 people filed a complaint, the police started an investigation. In the 157-page chargesheet, Lamichhane's name along with the amount, date and account are in 9 places on 7 different pages. But when 28 people were made defendants, they were given immunity by the police and the district attorney's office. According to the order, Roshni Gurung, an employee of the cooperative who deposited the check, was arrested and detained.

Suryadarshan of Pokhara, Sahra of Chitwan, Sano Paila of Birgunj, Equality of Nepalgunj and Swarnalakshmi of Kathmandu, like Supreme Cooperative of Butwal, large amounts of money were transferred to the accounts of different individuals and companies on different dates. According to the police investigation, 130.6 million rupees have been transferred from Supreme Cooperative only to Gorkha Media Network.

After a month-long investigation, the investigation report submitted by the Butwal area police office to the district attorney's office last Friday stated that Home Minister Lamichhane illegally took Rs 2 crore from the cooperative. According to the research report, ``2,00,00,000 (two crores) business loan was approved in the name of Ravi Lamchiane and 1,96,00,000 (one crore ninety-six lakhs) Gorkha Media Network Pvt. Ltd.'s account no. Documents have been found which appear to have been deposited in Global IME Bank on 04010100005777. The police have also confirmed that after deducting a service charge of Rs. Commenting on the situation, the report says, "The loan has been invested in the name of Ravi Lamichhane, a savings member of the institution, without completing any process."

It is mentioned in the police report that Lamichhane is still indebted to Supreme Cooperative of Butwal due to non-payment of loans. In the meantime, the loan installment of 2 million has been paid twice, but both times the savings of Supreme Cooperative have been used.

On June 22, 2078, installments of three borrowers were paid by withdrawing 1.9 million from Supreme Cooperative in the name of Kumar Ramtel. It appears that the amount of the loan was deposited in his (Kumar Ramtel) savings account and paid 1.5 million 80 thousand for the installment of Chavi Lal Joshi, 7 million for the installment of Ravi Lamichhane's loan and 5.9 million 93 thousand for his loan. The remaining one crore and three lakh rupees have been deposited in the account of Gorkha Media Network,'' the report says, 'but this loan has also been invested without completing any process.' On December 28, 2078, it was seen that Sagar KC's savings account in Supreme Savings and Loan Cooperative deposited an amount of 1.3 lakhs into the loan account of Ravi Lamichhane, 1.6 lakhs and 25 thousand into the loan account of Kumar Ramtel Not only that, the installment payer KC is also absconding, while the next installment payer, Ramtel, is in Pokhara jail in the Suryadarshan Cooperative fraud case.

Who is responsible for 130.6 million Gorkhas being taken from Supreme Cooperative to Media Network? Pointing to this issue, the report has also released the share price of Gorkha Media Network. According to which, when the amount was 'transferred' from Supreme Cooperative, it is mentioned in the report that GB Rai with 10 lakh 20 thousand shares and Ravi Lamichhane with 1 lakh 80 thousand shares are the directors of Gorkha Media.

Complaints of ordinary savers, savings passbooks received from them, police reports, documents and promissory notes seized during the search of the office of the cooperative, audit report, letters from the company registrar's office, letters and statements received from various banks, letters from the shipping office, monitoring report of the cooperative registration office And the police claim that the crime of co-operative fraud has been established based on the letter, the statements of the defendants, and the details of the incident.

Even though the people involved in embezzlement of the co-operative's funds were made defendants, the police did not even take a statement from Lamichhane, who is also the Home Minister. Demanding action against the defendants, the police and the district attorney's office have also mentioned various points of the Cooperative Act 2075 in the charge sheet. Citing Section 122 of the Act, the police report says, "Legal action will be taken if a loan is taken by submitting false or incorrect information, if the mortgage is unsecured or if the loan is embezzled."

It is mentioned in the indictment that if there is a breach of Rs 10 crore to Rs 10 crore, the charge will be fined, a fine equal to the breach and imprisonment for 4 to 6 years. However, even though Lamichhane's name was mentioned in the report as having taken a loan without any collateral, the police and the public prosecutor's office remained silent about filing a case.

This tendency of the police was also seen in the case of gold smuggling. Although the name of Maoist Vice President Krishna Bahadur Mahara was mentioned in the police report and the chargesheet submitted to the court by the Public Prosecutor's Office, his name was omitted from the list of accused. Although the CIB report mentions that Mahara and his son Rahul had 256 conversations with the smuggler who smuggled 9 kg of gold inside an electric cigarette (vape), no case was filed. But the commission of inquiry, formed after media attention and pressure from the opposition in parliament, recommended further investigation on Mahara. On the basis of the commission's report, the police arrested Mahara after instructions were given by Home Minister Lamichhane. Like Mahara, who was once in power, now Lamichhane has been given immunity by the police and the public prosecutor's office.

On the other hand, the police responded that they could not file a case because they could not identify Lamichhane, who is also the home minister of the country. Although Ravi Lamichhane's name is mentioned in the cooperative's software, no inquiries were made as the exact details were not found, DSP Vijayraj Pandit, chief of the area police, Butwal, said. "The KYC form that discloses personal details including address was not found in the software," he told Kantipur, "because many loan files with such incomplete details were found, it became difficult to verify the person." It has been demanding an investigation. The police investigation has also confirmed that Rs 130.6 million was transferred from Supreme Cooperative to the account of Gorkha Media Network Pvt.

2077 30 million through Bhupendrababu Rai on October 11, 80 million directly to the company's account on the same day, 75 million through Nobody Productions of Gorkha Media's then employee Bipin Acharya on October 6, 25 million through Chavi Lal Joshi on January 29 and 25 million on Chait 18 Through Lamichhane, 20 million Gurkhas were gathered in the media network. Similarly, it is mentioned in the investigation report that on 22nd of June 2078, 1.9 million was collected through Kumar Ramtel, 2.5 million through the then employee Pushparaj Giri on 24 October and 1.56 million through the then employee Bipin Acharya on December 12.

On the other hand, the victims have filed a complaint against 18 people, including the then Managing Director of Gorkha Media Network, Ravi Lamichhane, for allegedly embezzling loans from Suryadarshan Cooperative in Pokhara. Based on the complaint of the Metropolitan Corporation, a case has already been registered against GB Rai.

Even though a supplementary complaint has been registered on this matter, the police have not proceeded with the investigation because the Prime Minister to the Inspector General of Police are defending Home Minister Lamichhane.

According to the claims of the victims of Pokhara and the study report of the metropolis, a transaction of 10 million rupees was made from Suryadarshan Cooperative in the name of Lamichhane, while the owners have denied that 30 million rupees were invested in Gorkha Media from this cooperative.

GB Rai Group has opened cooperatives in major cities like Pokhara, Chitwan, Birgunj, Butwal, Nepalgunj and Kathmandu, and the preliminary details have shown that more than 50,000 common people have embezzled more than one billion rupees.

The ruling coalition including Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal has been claiming that there is no need for an investigation against the Home Minister. Addressing the Parliament on March 6, Prime Minister Dahal defended Lamichhane. There was a media trial on this issue. Now, when a party with parliamentary experience and history like the Nepali Congress raised a question in the House, I tried to research and study the reports and statements of the relevant government agencies in depth,'' he said, 'from the research so far, he found that the cooperative's board of directors, audit committee, credit committee , the employee does not play any role and does not appear to be connected anywhere in the case pending in the court. If there is any evidence from the investigation, no one will stop him from taking action.

Similarly, former Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has also been criticizing the opposition Congress for raising this issue by saying what will happen if he resigns after receiving a complaint. But when the RPP joined the demand of the Congress and demanded the formation of a parliamentary committee, the government ended the parliament session itself.

Similarly, on March 14, Inspector General of Police Vasant Kunwar, who was present at the Parliament's State Order Committee, defended Home Minister Lamichhane's involvement in cooperative irregularities. "When investigating the matter that came as a vertical complaint, no factual evidence was found. The situation does not fall within the scope of the law," said Inspector General Kunwar, who spoke in front of Home Minister Lamichhane, "There is no basis for Ravi Lamichhane's case yet. There is no more fact than that.'

Cooperative president Omprakash Gurung, former vice president Nanda Bahadur Pun's son and former treasurer Dipesh Pun, Bhairahawa branch manager Durga Chapagain Pandey, Deepak Neupane and Neeta Thapa Magar have been arrested in the Supreme money embezzlement case. The police said that apart from the 5 people arrested by the police, the defendants have been arrested as fugitives. Based on the complaint received, it has been demanded to return the amount of 86 million 18 million 23 thousand to the victim.

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