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Political 'Mahajatra' in Karnali and Far West

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The Nepali movie 'Mahajatra', which is running smoothly in cinema halls across the country, is making the audience laugh. Jatra, which is under political guise, is succeeding in entertaining the moviegoers. But at the same time, the political world is laughing because of the power struggle taking place in Karnali and Sudurpaschim provinces. Which is exposing the lust for power within the parties.

Political 'Mahajatra' in Karnali and Far West

Karnali Chief Minister Rajkumar Sharma has ignored Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal's instructions. According to the agreement, although it was agreed that the Chief Minister should be given to UML in Karnali, Sharma has refused to resign and has taken a stand to take a vote of confidence.

The process of taking the vote of confidence has been postponed in the state assembly on Monday after the UML refused to vacate the post of chief minister as per the agreement reached at the centre. Chief Minister Sharma has maintained his stance of taking a vote of confidence on Wednesday.

Maoist has sent a written letter to Chief Minister Sharma on Tuesday to leave UML in Karnali province according to the agreement with UML. But Chief Minister Sharma has taken a stand that his leadership should be maintained saying that the Maoist ruling coalition has 13 seats in Karnali, bigger than the UML.

'According to the agreement with the UML, a written instruction has been sent to the Chief Minister of Karnali to leave the UML' said a leader of the central office, 'However, the Chief Minister Rajkumar Sharma has not accepted.' .

"The written and verbal decision of the president must be accepted," the source said, "not accepting the party's decision is a serious matter." According to the agreement of the Center, the UMA is of the position that the leadership of the state government should be left. "Not implementing the agreement at the center is chaos," says a UML leader in Karnali province.

Sharma has ignored the instructions of the party center after receiving a signal that the Congress is ready to shoulder even if the UML does not give a vote of confidence. Acting Secretary Janardhan Sharma, who has been agreeing with Prime Minister Dahal on party responsibilities, has given separate instructions not to leave the Chief Minister. Leaders claim that Sharma's party has a majority (8) in the Maoist Karnali Parliamentary Party. Even the parliamentary party has decided that Chief Minister Sharma will take the vote of confidence.

Ignoring the directives of the Centre, the Chief Minister held several discussions with the UML on Tuesday . On the other hand, he also talked with the leaders of the former coalition party Congress. The efforts of UML and the Maoist party to get Chief Minister Sharma to resign failed on Tuesday.

UML president KP Sharma Oli had agreed with Dahal to make Yamlal Kandel, the leader of the Karnali parliamentary party, as the chief minister this time saying that UML had left when it cooperated with Maoists in 2074 . After agreeing to make UML the chief minister of Karnali without consulting with Deputy Secretary Sharma, who has gained influence in Karnali, the political 'mahajatra' is continuing there. Deputy General Secretary Sharma claimed that the Chief Minister cannot be left in Karnali last week in the party functionary meeting.

Prime Minister Dahal on Monday instructed Karnali Province Maoist in-charge Kali Bahadur Malla and Chief Minister Sharma to leave the Chief Minister UML . After the oral instruction was not implemented, he sent a letter on Tuesday and again instructed to implement the decision of the Central Alliance. There are 40 MPs in the Karnali State Assembly. If 13 MPs from Maoists and 10 MPs from UML favor the coalition, they will have a majority. There are 14 MPs from Congress, 1 from RPP, 1 from S and 1 from Independent in the state assembly.

Prime Minister Dahal on Tuesday asked Mr./Mrs. Resham Chaudhary and Ranjita Shrestha, who are running the Civil Liberation Party in Far West, to discuss and settle the dispute separately. If the immunity dispute is resolved, the Chief Minister of Far West has assured that it will be given.

But after the dispute between the husband and wife, the coalition has agreed to give the chief minister to the unified socialist. After meeting with Prime Minister Dahal, Resham informed that he asked to settle the party dispute. President Ranjita is in favor of participating in the power coalition after withdrawing the support given to the government led by Kamal Bahadur Shah of the Congress, while he is in the position of sustaining the government of Resham Shah .

Prime Minister Dahal is in favor of including Unmukti in the federal government. Dahal believes that it will be easier if Unmukti, which has five seats including one independent, participates in the union. If Unmukti participates in the power alliance, it will be easy to form a government in far away as well as in Lumbini province. In the previous alliance, Ranjitha was the union land administration minister. Unmukti has also given a vote of confidence to the Dahal government.

In the 52-member assembly of the Far West Province Assembly, there are 18 MPs from the Congress, 11 from the Maoists, 10 from the UML, 7 from the Civil Liberties Union, 4 from the Unified Samajwadi Party, and 1 from the RPP and the Independent. Congress MP Prithvi Bahadar Singh passed away in Bajhang 1 (1). Congress has only 17 votes . . 25 members of the coalition and one independent party have participated in the government to achieve a majority. At present, Congress's Shah is the state chief . He has already appointed 5 out of 7 people from Unmukta as ministers.

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