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Strong earthquake in Taiwan, tsunami warning in Japan


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A powerful earthquake hit Taiwan on Wednesday. A 7.4-magnitude earthquake hit Taiwan's east coast, according to the US Geological Survey. A tsunami warning has been issued for the island and southern Japan after the earthquake.

Strong earthquake in Taiwan, tsunami warning in Japan

The epicenter was about 18 kilometers (11 miles) south of the city of Hualien. According to international media, Taiwan's Ministry of Defense has reported preliminary damage reports with pictures of houses leaning over in Hualien County. Army is engaged in rescue .

Taiwan's Central Meteorological Administration has issued a tsunami warning after the earthquake. Residents have been asked to evacuate to higher ground as a tsunami is expected to impact the island's northern coast.

The Japan Meteorological Agency has also issued a tsunami warning for Miyakojima and Okinawa islands. 3 meters High waves have been warned. A 30cm wave hit Okinawa, the agency said.

According to a spokesman for the Central Meteorological Administration, this is the strongest earthquake to hit Taiwan in 25 years. In 1999, a 7.7 magnitude earthquake struck 93 miles south of Taipei . About 2,400 people died and 10,000 were injured.

Taiwan is located in the Pacific Ring of Fire . It is near the Pacific Ocean. Earthquakes happen regularly on this island. In 2018, a 6.2 magnitude earthquake near Hualin killed at least 17 people. More than 300 were injured.

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