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Bhima death case: The stance of the family of not disposing of the body until compensation is paid

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The body of 22-year-old Bhima Gurung Balami of Dailekh Aathbis Municipality-5 Pipalkot, who died in Karnali Provincial Hospital last Thursday, is still in the provincial hospital. The family said that the body will not be recovered if proper compensation is not paid.

Bhima death case: The stance of the family of not disposing of the body until compensation is paid

The family of the deceased held a press conference He said that Bhima died due to the negligence of the doctors and that the hospital did not listen to the victim's complaint and did not understand the body. They said they will leave the body in the hospital and return to Dailekh.

The doctor told her that she had a 3-month-old tumor in her stomach. Bhima's father, Gobind Bahadur Gurung, who was admitted to the hospital, said that he should undergo general cleaning.

Before the treatment, the doctors said that this case is normal, he said. He said that the hospital informed him that his daughter died suddenly. After the incident, the director of the hospital. During the discussion with Dumbar Khadka, the family of the deceased said that they could not be saved because this case is a very complicated and serious problem that affects only one in thousands of people.

The victim's family has demanded appropriate relief for the upkeep of the 7-month-old baby girl, employment for one of the family members, guarantee of the girl's education and the formation of a high-level investigation committee of the incident . The hospital has not yet made public its views on Bhima's death.

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