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The revenue of Dhorpatan hunting reserve increased

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Dhorpatan hunting reserve has collected 44.48 million 15 thousand revenue till the end of Baisakh of the current financial year. Only 34.8 million revenue was collected here last year. But by June of this year, it is expected that the revenue will be double that of last year.

The revenue of Dhorpatan hunting reserve increased

The collection of revenue was decreasing due to the corona infection, local disputes, etc., as hunters could not come. Due to the situation of being able to hunt while traveling easily, the revenue has increased due to the opportunity to choose more and more hunters.

In two seasons of the current year, 30 wild animals have been killed in Dhorpatan. According to Virendra Kandel, chief conservation officer of the reserve, 42.6 million revenue has been collected from the hunting license fee alone. Apart from that, 11 lakh 65 thousand was collected from tourist entry fee, 9 lakh 4 thousand from wood, river goods and fines and 57 thousand for helicopter landing.

Last year, only 7,645 tourists came, but this year, 9,436 tourists came. There were only 30 victims last year as well. For hunting, there is a provision to select hunters by increasing the quota specified by the reserve. The Wildlife and National Parks Department has been opening tenders for hunting on the basis of quota.

Before that, in the financial year 2078/079, 9 thousand 919 tourists came, but the revenue was collected only 1 crore 75 lakh 77 thousand. Not only their entry fee, but also the time they travel, the tax collection from other places they go to has increased. Due to corona infection, only 37 lakhs was collected in the financial year 2076/077 and only 20 lakhs in the financial year 2077/078. Revenue collection is increasing after Corona.

Lately, as the number of tourists has increased, the hustle and bustle here has also increased. Local hoteliers also said that they were able to increase their business. Domestic tourists reach Dhorpatan Sikar Reserve by motorbike through Burtiwang in Baglung. Apart from the valley where the main reserve office is located, they visit Jaljala, Niseldhor and other places. Only a few have gone to bookies. Foreign tourists come for hunting.

They stay in Phagune, Dhustung, Dogadi, Warse, Surtiwang and other blocks for two to three weeks. Kandel said that they reached the place by helicopter. In two seasons of the current year, 19 Naur and 11 Jharal have been hunted.

According to the reserve data, 2 illegal weapons were recovered on 25th of February with the help of Army's Devi Box Gulm. Similarly, 9 weapons were recovered on 16th Chait. Gulmapati Binod Bikram Basnet said that the joint team of Army and Reserves also recovered Okhetophar in that work.

Even though 7 blocks of reserve cover Baglung, Myagdi and Rukum districts, the army's security is only in limited areas. The Devi Box Gulm located here has been able to provide security only in the main places including Patan, Phagune, Togadi and Gurja where the reserve office is located. "We have asked for the number of soldiers here, but we have not received it," said Basnet, "if there is a number, security can be arranged in all the blocks."

There is also a shortage of posts in the reserve office. Only 47 people, including some contract employees, have worked in the reserve, which has 72 posts.

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