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Liverpool's new coach Slott

The 45-year-old former Feyenoord coach Slott has been given the opportunity since Jurgen Klopp left Liverpool

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Former Feyenoord coach Arne Slott will take charge of Liverpool next season. It is fixed on Monday. He is considered to be a very restrained manager, who helps to get the best out of any player. And he expects more and more from the players in their work.

Liverpool's new coach Slott

In particular, he is a fan of Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola. Now he is going to his special rival club Liverpool. 45-year-old Slott got this opportunity after Jurgen Klopp left Liverpool. When he was a player, he used to provide many accurate passes, but he has a very special pass in world football.

Many may not know much about him. He joined PEC Zwele as a player when he was just 17 years old. He was known more for running than for sports. That's where it is prepared, 'arne slot pass'. In that pass, the forward makes a slight 'deflect' and moves the pass forward and when the opposing defenders bark. Liverpool fans were intrigued after Slott's name came up as

coach. What is his working style? What he told his players in the dressing room after the historic win against Ajax is considered to be his working style. He said, "Why did we win? We worked hard. But such a victory is meaningless. We have to win the league. Liverpool was not the first club to show interest in

. Previously, Tottenham also wanted to bring him in. When Antonio Conte took over as coach in 2023, there was only tension and dissension at the club. Tottenham almost signed him, but in the end Slott did not want to go to Tottenham himself.

The reason behind this was, he wanted to see Feyenoord play in the Champions League under his leadership. The British media has already started calling him 'Dutch Pep Guardiola'. Because of this, he also believes in highly aggressive football. He has said in some interviews that Guardiola is his ideal.

Now the goal will be to prevent Guardiola from winning the English Premier League for the fifth time in a row. He is a hard worker whether on or off the field. He attended every training session at Feyenoord himself, conducted team meetings himself and studied intensively by being recruited by rival teams.

He always demanded his players to be in the best form physically and mentally. What that means is that he expects more from the players. He wants his players to run 20 to 30 percent more than the opposing team and play all over the place.

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