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In Karnali, Bhagbanda's Kichlo

After failing to reach agreement at the state level, Chief Minister Yamlal Kandel reached Kathmandu within 2 days of taking oath and met Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal and UML President KP Sharma Oli and other leaders.

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Even on the 11th day after the appointment of the Chief Minister in Karnali Province, the government could not be expanded as the share could not be agreed. Chief Minister Yamlal Kandel could not expand the government due to the failure of the parties in the ruling coalition.

In Karnali, Bhagbanda's Kichlo

Even before Kandel was appointed as the Chief Minister, despite repeated meetings of the ruling coalition parties, no consensus could be reached, and on the last day, he submitted his claim to the Chief Minister when the 7-day time limit given by the provincial head started running out. Since then, there has been no meeting between the ruling UML and the Maoists.

After not being able to reach agreement at the provincial level, within 2 days of taking oath as the Chief Minister, Kandel reached Kathmandu and met Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal and UML President KP Sharma Oli and other leaders. Although he returned to Surkhet on Tuesday, the leader of the Maoist Parliamentary Party and outgoing Chief Minister Rajkumar Sharma is still in Kathmandu. Because of this, a decisive meeting could not be held between the two parties.

'After the Chief Minister left Kathmandu, the distance between the two parties has widened, it is not possible to say anything about when the Council of Ministers will be complete,' said one of the MPs of the UML, 'there is agreement on others, the Ministry of Social Development has not been able to agree.' It has been claimed in the Ministry of Development, Industry and Water Resources and Energy.

UML Chief Whip Tekraj Pachai said that the Chief Minister has requested to give the Ministry of Social Development to UML for ease of work. "We are positive that the government will be completed as soon as possible and the work of the government will be carried out with the agreement of both parties. It is necessary for the Maoists to adopt some flexibility for the agreement," he said He said that he is in favor of expanding the cabinet soon and taking a vote of confidence.

Maoist MP Durg Bahadur Rawat said that the matter could not be resolved due to the Chief Minister's stand. "Our party in Karnali is bigger than UML, so we are not in a position to agree on less than 4 ministries, even in that we should get the ministry of our choice," he said, "but the chief minister is trying to keep more power and the matter has been delayed. If he wants, he can appoint the cabinet tomorrow." Ransingh Pariyar, chief whip of Maoist, also said that there was a problem when the Chief Minister did not take the initiative for consensus. He said that the Chief Minister should take the initiative to end this deadlock.

Kamal Lamsal, vice-professor of Midwest University, said that both parties have claims in the Ministry of Social Development because there are more subordinate offices than others and more employees. "The work of the previous government was not very effective, even now it seems that the distance between the two parties will have a long-term effect on the work of the government," he said, "so it is necessary to make the government dynamic as soon as possible." MP has support. Kandel was appointed Chief Minister last Tuesday with the support of 10 UML, 13 Maoist and 1 Samajwadi MPs. There are 8 Ministries in Karnali.

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