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The flesh of the dead cow was taken to Parsa Nikunj for post-mortem

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The medical team of Parsa Rashtriya Nikunj collected meat samples for the post-mortem of Baghini, who was found dead in Sakhuwaprasauni rural municipality-2 Rambhauri tol on Saturday.

The flesh of the dead cow was taken to Parsa Nikunj for post-mortem

According to Hemant Prasad Sah, head of Division Forest Office Parsa A team including a doctor from Nikunj collected the sample of the cow's meat for post-mortem on Sunday. He said it may take a few days for the post-mortem report.

After the post-mortem, Baghini was buried in Sakhuwaprasauni Rural Municipality, Saha said. "The body of Baghini had started to smell, we have completed all the legal procedures and buried it," he said, "It is preliminary thought that the old Baghini is sick."

The dead Baghini was found in an empty field of Dipnarayan Adarsh ​​Mavi, 300 meters east of Rambhauri toll. Locals informed the police after seeing the dead snake.

Meanwhile, Sah informed that a technical team of Chitwan Rashtriya Nikunj is going to come on Sunday to control another tiger that has been attacking and injuring locals for about a month in Patevasugauli rural municipality.

'There is a lot of pressure from the locals to control the tiger, which has been attacking and injuring the locals near the human settlements in Patervasugauli rural municipality-2 for a long time,' he said, 'the team has captured the tiger even by using camera traps, darts etc. We will try to control it.

Sah said that a letter has been sent to the wildlife department to control the said tiger and the team is coming from Chitwan under the instructions of the department.

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