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Oli's political report: Repeal of left unity and socialist polarization

A policy of meaningful dialogue with all on foreign policy, national security, national agenda of development and infrastructure, transitional justice and constitutional issues.
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CPN-UML has said that left-wing unity and socialist polarization are not appropriate, saying that it will proceed in such a way as to prohibit parties that have different views. While Prime Minister and Maoist President Pushpa Kamal Dahal was raising the relevance of Samajwadi Front and Left Unity, UML President KP Sharma Oli dismissed it for the time being.

Oli's political report: Repeal of left unity and socialist polarization

Presenting a political report at the first meeting of the National Congress Representative Council after the 10th Congress in Chitwan in 2078, Oli said that it would be wrong to polarize left-wing, socialist or other political parties saying that dialogue and minimum understanding between all political parties is necessary to solve the country's serious problems. There are serious problems like this in the country, for their solution there is a need for continuous dialogue between all political parties. Key questions require minimal understanding. And, cooperation between those who have similar views is necessary,'' Oli said in the political report, 'so at this time, left-wing unity, socialist polarization or any other polarization that is promoted by prohibiting a certain party, idea or power is not proper, practical and beneficial.

When Prime Minister Dahal was advancing the Samajwadi Front with the United Socialists, Janata Samajwadi, CPN (Netra Vikram Chand) along with him, Oli commented against it in his political document. He also said that the atmosphere of trust has not yet been created among the leftists. As cooperation deepens and an environment of trust is created, those who have similar ideas will gradually move to the same place. That should be the case,' says Oli, 'but nowadays it is more important to move forward with all the positive forces.'

Presenting a political report to a gathering of 2,554 people, including congress representatives and central members, Oli has previously said that the Congress-Maoist-led alliance has taken a policy of banning the UML and called it undemocratic and apolitical. "Yesterday's ruling coalition adopted a policy of retaliation, confrontation and prohibition against the UML," the report said, "not only did it not take the opposition on board on important national issues, but it did not fulfill even the minimum formalities of informing." Secret agreements were made on some questions that hurt the national interest.'

He has claimed that he will not accept that kind of undemocratic and apolitical way. "It will be our policy to have a meaningful dialogue with everyone including the opposition on the country's foreign policy, national security, national agenda of development and infrastructure, transitional justice and constitutional issues," the policy of UML states.

Aggressive towards Congress

On the one hand, Oli is saying that there will be cooperation and dialogue with the opposition parties on important issues, but he has accused the Congress of trying to destroy the power equation. He tried everything possible to prevent the equation from succeeding and to destroy it. For that, the Congress even offered the post of Prime Minister to the leaders of the RSVP and some other parties,' he says, 'but as those parties are involved in the new political equation, he is protesting and obstructing the House with a desperate state of mind.' While demanding a parliamentary inquiry into Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Ravi Lamichhane in the cooperative fraud case, the political report claimed that Lamichhane was targeted. "Serious problems have emerged in the cooperative sector, billions of savers have been embezzled and the culprits should be investigated and prosecuted. The party is clear on this matter,' UML said while defending Lamichhane, 'but it is not possible to enter into unconfirmed matters by targeting certain people.' Congress has claimed that it has no moral basis to do so. "The Congress, which is not ready to resign the ministers and leaders who have been called to a statement by the Authority, detained by the court and involved in serious irregularities, does not even have the moral basis to question others at this time," Oli's political report said, Corruption will never be controlled by the way of fulfilling their political ambitions. UML has demanded that the investigation and prosecution in the rumored cases against them be brutal against corruption.

'The alliance against UML was broken'

The report has analyzed the strategic success of creating a new equation by leaving the Congress out of power. "We communicated with various political forces and in the end created this new political equation with strategic skills," the report states with the analysis that after the equation UML regained the leading role, "with this, the country's politics has become somewhat favorable." The alliance and siege against UML has been broken. UML's leadership role in national politics has been established once again.'

Prime Minister Dahal and Oli have a polite agreement to alternate leadership of the government, but it is claimed in the political report that they have no interest. Our party has not put any of its interests at the center while building power cooperation. The interest of the country is also the interest of our party,' Oli's report says, 'not only for the change or acquisition of power, it is for strengthening nationality and protecting national interests and self-respect, guaranteeing good governance, protecting and developing democracy, the journey of development and prosperity. It is an equation established with a common resolve to speed up and instill hope and trust in the people.'

On the basis of some past incidents, contexts and experiences, Oli has stated that he doubts the sustainability of this cooperation in the minds of the people and has claimed that he will resolve it through practice. But politics cannot be used forever. If you start doing that, everyone should be aware of the fact that one day you may get caught in a strategy created by yourself,' says Oli, 'Our party will focus all its strength to make this collaboration sustainable, result-oriented and successful.'

'Sensitive geopolitics'

UML President Oli has mentioned that geopolitics has reached a sensitive state due to the clash of power nations. "In the midst of changing geopolitics, geoeconomy and competition between power nations, the task of protecting Nepal's national independence, self-respect and national interest is becoming more complicated," says the UML's political report.

The UML report stated that the US's dual and provocative role in the issue of Taiwan, contrary to the recognition of China's policy, is increasing tension in the region and that any steps it takes to increase tension, centralize military power, and polarize the region are harmful to world peace and regional stability. .

Opportunism and anarchy in the party

UML General Secretary Shankar Pokharel has mentioned in the organizational report that the party organization has not improved as expected, stating that the party's ideological and organizational struggle against right-wing opportunism and organizational anarchy is progressing. "Even now, right-wing opportunism and organizational anarchy continue to be a challenge to our movement," he said, "lately, the party is trying to overcome it through systematic training and a legal organization system." 6 points have been submitted for the formation of the party. Party membership distribution, renewal and testing, representative selection, convention and leadership selection, committee operation, chain-of-command and evaluation of workers, working style, lifestyle and conduct of workers, economic-social transformation and public interest issues and building decisive power through elections. are.

General Secretary Pokharel has pointed out the lack of study and training in party leaders and workers, problems in following the standards of party membership, problems in the operation of large-sized committees, problems in organizing and managing conventions according to legal provisions, right-wing opportunism, organizational chaos and factionalism, and the problem of combining work in non-geographical areas. .

Similarly, he has shown 13 points of problems in the evaluation of party work and workers, the problem of focusing on the issue of identity, the duplicity of party work, the problem of managing party work in Kathmandu Valley, the problem of defined work and the resulting division of work, the effective mobilization of mass organizations and the harmony between ideals and behavior.

As mentioned in Pokharel's report, UML currently has 277,400 organized party members. In the same way, the reports of discipline, accounting and election departments have also been presented in the council meeting. Head of Publicity Department Rajendra Gautam said that the report will be divided into 6 groups and discussed. UML has also made arrangements for delegates to submit suggestions on the party's digital application. "The meeting will review the overall work of the legislative convention and the tenth convention and give necessary instructions to the central committee," Gautam said.

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