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126 deaths due to tuberculosis in Madhesh in 6 months

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After the death of one of the 6 people living in the DR TB Hostel in Janakpurdham where tuberculosis is being treated, the other 5 people are in shock. After the death of a 65-year-old man from Sirha Aurhi, who came to the hostel since February 14, Solendra Kumar Sah, the in-charge health assistant (HA) of the hostel, said that the other 5 people who were undergoing treatment were scared at night for a few days.

126 deaths due to tuberculosis in Madhesh in 6 months

There are tuberculosis patients above 50 years of age in the hostel with a capacity of six beds, said Sah, "Patients staying in the hostel are being given regular antibiotics, health tests and treatment." After the death of one person in the last week of February, others were scared when they were sleeping for a few days.' After the death of a friend who was undergoing treatment together, the elderly who are struggling with their health in the second half of their lives are eager to get back to their families soon. Having to travel from the hostel to Lalgarh for treatment every month in public transport and having to stay in a small house when the summer is approaching, the patients are eager to return home.

In Madhesh province, tuberculosis patients do not come to the hospital for treatment, and even if they do come, they die because they do not get the health check-up and treatment easily. Although the Nepal government has arranged free treatment, there is no hospital with non-residential facilities. As tuberculosis is a communicable disease, it is easily spread from one infected person to another.

In Madhesh province, 126 people died of tuberculosis in the period of 6 months and 4 thousand 249 new tuberculosis patients including 684 children under 15 years of age were found in 6 months from July to Push. Out of 126 people in Madhesh province, 18 Parsa, 19 Bara, 18 Rautahat, 14 Sarlahi, 26 Mahotari, 15 Dhanusha, 9 Sirha, 7 Saptari have died of tuberculosis in Madhesh province from July to Push.

From July to Push, 499 new tuberculosis patients have been identified in Parsa, 701 Bara, 546 Rautahat, 629 Sarlahi, 469 Mahotari, 727 Dhanusha, 386 Sirha, 292 Saptari districts. 4 thousand 50 tuberculosis patients are taking regular medicine in Madhesh province. Nathuni Kumar Mandal, program manager of Bagmati Seva Samaj Nepal said.

Bagmati Seva Samaj Nepal for Tuberculosis Reduction Government of Nepal, in partnership with Save the Children Global Fund, has been conducting tuberculosis reduction programs in 234 local levels including 136 local levels and 98 local levels of Kosi Province for 6 years in 8 districts of Madhesh Province.

Citizens of Madhesh province are at high risk of tuberculosis due to open borders. Commuting for work in Indian cities has increased the risk of tuberculosis. Employment Tuberculosis diagnosis and treatment services have been affected as it has been found that those who go to India for diagnosis and treatment also go to Indian cities in the border region.

Two weeks ago, World Tuberculosis Day was also celebrated in Nepal with the slogan 'We will end tuberculosis'. World Tuberculosis Day is celebrated every year on March 24th by organizing various programs all over the world. There is a challenging situation in Nepal when trying to realize the vision of a world without tuberculosis. In Madhesh Province, the number of tuberculosis infected and the number of dead The vision of a world without tuberculosis by 2050 has created a challenging situation.

In 2080/81, 4249 new tuberculosis patients were identified in Madhesh province from July to August 2081, and 126 tuberculosis patients died. According to the report of 'National Tuberculosis Prevalence Survey 2019', the number of tuberculosis patients in Nepal is 69,000 per year, and there are 245 tuberculosis patients per 100,000 population.

Tuberculosis rate In the past decade, the rate of tuberculosis has decreased by 3% annually, but the incidence of tuberculosis is almost one and a half times higher than previously estimated. A detailed analysis of the results revealed that the prevalence of tuberculosis was higher in the age group above 65 years, men, Terai and hills.

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