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Dayahang says: In the beginning, they even said that you are not suitable for acting


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Actor Dayahang Rai has said that some senior producers of the Nepali film industry advised him not to act.

Dayahang says: In the beginning, they even said that you are not suitable for acting

In the fourth season of 'Nirbhik Nari' 'Saundarya Maaan' organized by Kantipur Publications Limited on Thursday, actor Dayahang revealed that some people in the industry said that he was not suitable for acting.

Actor Dayahang, who is becoming a 'superhit' in the Nepali film industry recently, said that even now some people ask the same question. He says, 'Even now they ask how you are coming.' Although it is not difficult to work in

theater, he says that many people doubted their ability while starting a film career. 'When working on the stage, work was done through discussion, so it was easy . After starting to play the film, some senior brothers said who is the producer ? Some people said that you are not suitable for acting, but then you will get frostbite,' he said . He said that when someone starts working in any field, if someone says 'you are not fit', that is the medicine to move forward.

Dayahang also said that he has reached this point because he has moved forward like that. "It's one thing to be popular or not, but I'm here because I'm going to do what I like," he said. Dayahang also says that when starting a film career, there is a thought that 'one type of person is needed' in the frame. He says that they are selected as actors in films only by measuring things like dancing, physical appearance etc.

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