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After the X-ray machine broke down, exports from the international airport customs stopped


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The export trade of Nepali goods to third countries from the international airport customs office has stopped since today after the X-ray machine broke down a month and a half after it was not repaired. According to the agreement, the X-ray machine should be repaired by Nepal Transport and Warehouse Management Company Limited.

After the X-ray machine broke down, exports from the international airport customs stopped

Rajendra Sangraula, Senior Vice President of Nepal Free Forwarders Association, informed that there was a problem because the machine installed at the customs office was not repaired even after a long time of breakdown. According to the

source, the material required for machine repair is around 27 lakhs according to the current market price. According to the agreement between the Civil Aviation Authority and the warehouse management company, about 33 to 34 crores have been collected annually for warehousing goods at the airport. According to

sources, the company was profitable in the last financial year. The amount of profit is shared by civil aviation and the company. According to the agreement, the responsibility of machine maintenance is the warehouse management company . The warehouse company is a fully government owned company . Senior Vice President Sangraula, who is also a cargo businessman, said that it is indecent for the country to send a message that there is not even an X-ray machine at the airport for international flights. He also said that if the quality of the exported goods is found due to X-ray, the businessmen will be responsible.

In order to pressurize the X-ray repairs of the godown, the labor union with the support of the businessmen stopped the export without working on Monday . There is a policy not to carry items that have not been x-rayed by a reliable machine on international flights. Cargo businessmen and laborers have been complaining that when one of the two machines is operating, the work that is done in one day takes two days and it is also inconvenient in the transportation of export materials.

After export is not easy, more than 50 tons of goods have been piled up in the warehouse of the airport . The exporter is paying Rs 7 per kg for transportation . Carpets, garments, handicrafts etc. are mainly exported from Nepal.

"After the machine was not repaired despite many requests, we were forced to stop the export," said Khem Subedi, Senior Vice President of Bagmati Pradesh Trade Union Congress. Subedi said that the laborers working in the godown have suffered a lot of physical inconvenience due to the lack of a machine. The said machine is also broken and removed from the customs X-ray and repaired. For that repair, the repair was carried out by bringing a sapti from the customs. Now, if that machine breaks down, the customs officials say that they do not even have the management to do it.

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