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After the formation of the new alliance, the economic indicators have raised qualitative hopes: Prime Minister Dahal


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Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal has said that the economic indicators seen in recent days have raised qualitative hope for prosperity. Addressing the program held on Monday on the occasion of the 'break-through' of the main tunnel of the Nagadhunga tunnel construction project, Prime Minister Dahal said that the revenue collection has caught the rhythm of economic reform after the government's new equation.

After the formation of the new alliance, the economic indicators have raised qualitative hopes: Prime Minister Dahal

"Incentives for electric vehicles while reducing imported fuel, significant progress in cement export, increase in zinc and steel exports, a new record in tourist arrivals, expansion of housing and apartment business outside the valley have sent a positive message," said Prime Minister Dahal, "electricity exports to third countries including India Understanding and preparation, entry into a new era of tunnels in road infrastructure, ease in foreign trade due to increase in remittances, IT service export worth billions in information technology, progress in startup business and other economic indicators have given us important energy to enter a new era of development and prosperity.

Prime Minister Dahal made a depressing remark that 'nothing will happen' and expressed solidarity in the new path of good governance, social justice and prosperity and appealed to create national enthusiasm. He expressed his belief that the future conference will connect the possibility of investment on the international stage.

Mentioning that the government is carrying out policy reforms to create an investment environment, Prime Minister Dahal said that the government is ready to proceed with the necessary strategy to encourage and attract foreign investment for the economic development of Nepal.

Saying that Nepal has entered a new destination of infrastructure development, Prime Minister Dahal expressed his gratitude to the Japanese government for supporting the construction of the tunnel.

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