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Bumi elected as president of UML Humla


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Gyami Bumi has been elected as the president of CPN UML Humla. CPN-UML failed to elect a unanimous leadership in the 10th district convention of Humla and Bumi was elected as the president through the electoral process.

Bumi elected as president of UML Humla

The high-level leaders of the CPN-UML district discussed for 2 days for unanimous leadership, but after there was no agreement, voting was held on Sunday evening for various positions including the chairman.

Bumi was elected as the president, Prakash Bahadur Shahi as the vice president, Tirtha Raj Bohra as the secretary, Pradeep Lama as the open deputy secretary and Manju Rawal as the women's deputy secretary. Similarly, Amar Bahadur Shahi, coordinator of the 10th District Session Election Committee of CPN-UML Humla, said that the 85-member District Working Committee was elected in an open and inclusive manner with officials.

The voting started at 5 pm on Sunday and the votes were counted at night. Two panels entered the election field for district leadership. Bumi received 124 votes for the presidency, while his opponent Double Rawat received 119 votes.

Prakash Bahadur Shahi, who was elected as vice president, got 162 votes and his competitor Ubjan Malla got 80 votes. Tirtharaj Bohra was elected for the post of secretary by getting 139 votes while his competitor Gokul Budha got 133 votes. Pradeep Lama won by getting 133 votes in open deputy secretary, while his rival Budh Bhandari got 111 votes.

Similarly, Manju Rawal won by getting 134 votes for women's deputy secretary, while her rival Bimala Kumari Shahi got 95 votes.

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