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Prachanda's role in the Congress General Committee

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The general committee meeting of the Nepali Congress in the capital has shown where the political situation of Nepal is going. In an internal meeting of a party, an official of that party cannot present his documents spontaneously.

The issue of where our politics is going has got a place to play after the party leadership has to take the permission of the leader of another political party on whether to allow him to table the documents.

How was this situation created? Why did it happen? Nobody seems to think about who did it. The attempt to always play leadership by suppressing others is often seen in the leaders of all parties. The same tendency prevails in the Congress leadership. That is why Congress General Minister Gagan Thapa had to indirectly take the consent of Maoist Center Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal to present the document prepared by him in the General Committee meeting of his party.

Nepali politics has reached the state it has now, what has been staged is the politicians of the older generation who do not want to leave politics and cannot actively participate. They seem to be seeking support from one another. They seek the help of another party because of the alliance to make decisions that they can do alone.

The proposal brought by Thapa in the General Committee meeting, did not seem to cause so much panic right now. It may be necessary to take a decision on whether or not to form a political alliance at that time by assessing what political developments will develop at that time.

Since Prachanda accepted Thapa's document and allowed Congress president Sher Bahadur Deuba to leave, two types of arguments can be made. On the one hand, he may not consider it a big and important matter for the time being.

Since there is no official document of the Congress that it will not form an alliance with any party in the upcoming elections, he thinks that Deuba can be brought to an agreement according to the situation and on the other hand, it has been shown that the Congress has decided to break the alliance based on this and keep the option of continuing to lead the government for the rest of the term by collaborating with the UML. .

Being a clever political player, any expression or activity of Prachanda should be seen from different angles. It seems that to consult with another party and seek consensus to settle the dispute within the party when the general committee meeting of his party is going on is to prove his own political ground to be weak, which mistake Deuba did and Prachanda dominated the Congress as well.
– Sujan Devkota, Palungtar-4, Gorkha

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