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Painter Khatiwada's story collection 'Akathya' released


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Painter Praveen Khatiwada's first story collection 'Akathya' has been released on Saturday. Analyst Sike Lal, writer and artist Saguna Shah and writer Khatiwada launched the book in a ceremony at the Nepal Pragya Foundation in Dublin. Khatiwada's story collection contains nine stories.

Painter Khatiwada's story collection 'Akathya' released

Releasing the book, analyst Sike Lal commented that Khatiwada has written stories of tears, passion and desire for change and those stories are such that they force the reader to think and question the status quo.

'The book contains stories written in the fluctuating structure of drama and cinema by establishing the central characters,' analyst Lal said, 'perhaps that is why the supporting characters are secondary in the stories.'

Similarly, writer and artist Saguna Shah commented that Praveen's stories are serious and profound. Artist Sougat Malla discussed his cooperation with Khatiwada and from theater to movies. 'We used to talk about writing stories and creative writing. I was dabbling in writing,' said Malla, 'but my brother surpassed me in creative writing.'

author Khatiwada is a busy actor and director of Nepali theatre. He started his acting journey on stage with Arohan Gurukul's famous drama Agniko Katha (2060) written by Abhi Subedi and directed by Sunil Pokharel.

Since then, he has acted in more than three dozen dramas like Rashoman, Marx returned, Nyayapremi, Ghanchakkar, Pani Photo, Bagh Bhairav. He has also directed dramas such as Dhruva, Mahadevko Baazi, Lakhan Patwari, Oo Kasko, Sarzamin, Mimansha, Marx returned, Vimoksha etc.

Khatiwada has also been acting in Nepali movies. Khatiwada, who started his film acting journey with Loot, has acted in films such as Latu 2, Dhuwani, Bina Prana, Kalo Pothi, Jatra, Mahajatra, Mansara, Uma, The Sponsor, Mr. Jhole, Khaag etc.

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