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Still means twist!

Be it professional life or social environment, we all have a special relationship with someone - with a special point of view. The view of a person is determined based on what he has seen and experienced, which cannot be changed by other views of the world. 'Samadrishti' is that pillar, where the life-picture of the other will be written in the vision of one.
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As soon as you hear the word loot, the feeling of hatred, fear and anger comes to everyone's psyche. However, 'loot' has become a favorite, a proud word for Nepali cinema. Credit goes to Nischal Basnet for making 'Loot' a history. The movie 'Loot' comes to mind

Still means twist!

The twist reminds me of Haku Kale's twist. It can truly be said that a twist established Nischal Basnet. Now, as soon as Nischal is remembered, the word 'twist' suddenly comes to mind. Yes, twist means Nischal Basnet!

is definitely the one who introduced the twist style in Nepali films. The change of 063 was displacing those established after the change of 046, in this situation, a crisis period was being prepared in the Nepali cinema market. One that no one has heard of

Keto's film 'Loot', made with unestablished youths, made a huge trade in the market and created new enthusiasm . The most powerful story element in this movie was the twist of Haku Kale, which positively shocked the audience and forced them to say 'Wow' . A twist delayed the crisis period of Nepali cinema .

Before 'Loot', most Nepali cinema was built in the structure of classical melodrama in an attempt to accommodate the audience in a straight line, while 'Loot' created a curved structure of emotion, which succeeded in making the audience feel the thrill of the character's plan and strategy. 'Loot' challenged the conventional wisdom guided by the philosophy that audiences seek to immerse themselves within the cinema . And, it is believed that the audience only observes the life of that character without putting themselves inside the character. broke the story. This was a great experiment for Nepali cinema. In the psychology that the story is actually a game between the director and the audience and the director has to shock the audience in the game, Nischal gave birth to such a twist that the audience had to be shocked in the game and they declared the director the winner.

After 'loot', Dipendra K. Khanal also adopted the same twist style and made the movie 'Chapli Height'. That film also managed to twist the audience . Other movies also tried to do the magic of the twist style, but failed themselves . If that style is used correctly, the audience will be twisted, otherwise the filmmaker himself must be twisted and marketed . That's why twist is such a scary style for movies, whose ups and downs go to the stills .

But, the twist took him to the top of the mountain of success, the wrong use of the twist made him fall to the ground . Nischal took the success of 'Loot' and produced 'Loot-2' and reused the same twist style . Because he felt that this style is his strong weapon . However, this time the use of that weapon was a little more psychological. The bumper success of 'Loot' had already made a twist within Nishal this year. No one knew him when he was making 'Loot', he was just a hoothooty who made exciting movies . He was hungry to prove himself and he was only a pure filmmaker at that time, but by the time he made 'Loot-2', he had already become a successful, wealthy and Masiha film star.

The twist in 'Loot' was the main element of the story and it was able to leave a strong impact on the audience. However, in the second 'Loot', a twist was forced into the story as part of the director's ego and that became poison for Nischal . Amrit is what becomes poison. This failure instilled fear in Nischal and he did not dare to make a film for many years . One twist in Nischal's life took him to the pinnacle of success and another twist brought him down from the pinnacle. Now the third twist was about to come in his life . Because not only the stationary follows the twist, the twist also follows the stationary . And, this time I came as a twist in his life .

After many years of preparation, Nischal is engaged in the production of a movie - 'Dimag Bada' . Khagendra Lamichhane, who is a great well-wisher of both of us, on his insistence, I had to join as a 'script doctor' for Nischal's movie script . It was a compelling situation for Nischal as the 'Nishchal Group' was a group that I didn't want to get too close to. Whenever I keep telling everyone that there should be 'conflict' in the story, the word conflict makes them very bored. As soon as he saw me, ``Conflict Man'' came and used to be four kos away. However, Khagendra put a twist in Nischal's life story. He said, "This year, anyway, script Manoj Pandit has to be treated". I made Khagendra a hero, he installed me as a script doctor . And so began a series of twists, which were fun for me, but very tough for Nischal.

The first twist happened when they had to dump the script they had been working on for years on the very first night . This twist was as painful for Nischal as the failure of 'Loot-2', but he got an opportunity to bear this pain before the film was made. I mentioned that the pain of not making a film is more beneficial than the pain after the release of the film. I told her . However, now he did not have a script in his hand, while after a month the preparations for shooting the film had been completed, the dates had been taken .

The search for a new story began on the second day. And the story was ready by night. On that day Nischal understood - What is the importance of conflict? And how easily does that build a story? It was a pleasure for me to explain this to Nischal and make the film a success. But, now with the twist of this new story, Nischal has to pay a big price . That is, the situation of stopping cooperation with Deepakraj Giri. And there was a twist in the story - Khagendra had to play the main character. Outside the market, there was a rumor that Khagendra did a twist. But, in fact, the twist was done by that one photo, which stuck in Nischal's heart . A poor Nepali walking to go abroad at Tribhuvan Airport, who had only slippers on his feet. And, that photo was printed in a magazine and it caused pain in Nischal's heart.

When Nischal started talking to me openly, the script of the movie was being prepared . But where does the twist leave Nischal! The next twist started a fierce argument between Nischal and me . Nischal also tried to put a twist in 'Dimag Bad'. I was against this proposal as the grammar did not allow any twist in the story . We argued for so long that in the end I made some conditions and accepted her climactic twist . During this debate I got a chance to understand Nischal very well . In fact, if there is no conflict, no person can be understood .

is to understand each other within disagreement, but we have a habit of running away from disagreement. I was very afraid of that twist, but after the release of the movie, the audience accepted it easily and got excited and the movie celebrated 100 days . After 'Loot', Nischal was successful again at the box office. This year all the twists worked for Nischal and it was my first Hundred Day Cinema . Before the success of 'Loot', Nischal was only Nischal, by the time of making 'Loot-2', Nischal had become polluted and while making 'Diam Bad', he went through the process of filtration. During the

'Dimaag Bad', I also got an opportunity to understand the twist psychology up close . Why do you think of a fixed twist? This topic became very important for me.

is actually not only Nishal, but Nishal-Generation wants to twist the status of this country, society's belief and thinking. They are fed up, frustrated and even angry. They want to rebel . They want to present the thoughts they want to do in reality, even if it is in stories or art-music. Nischal also wanted the same and introduced a twist in the cinema . His psychology is that the situation should be twisted now. My generation was guided by idealistic thinking and we tried to establish idealism in cinema. However, our idealism was not entertaining the audience that much . So when Nischals introduced modernism, a new audience was awakened, which was not possible before.

After the change of 062/063 there was a lot of enthusiasm among the Nepalese people. In that enthusiasm, I made a documentary like 'Greater Nepal', made a film like 'Dasdhunga'. It gave satisfaction to the psychology of the audience at that time, but slowly the Nepali society began to realize - 'We are in an illusion, someone has twisted our dreams.' A new narrative started to be established in the Nepali society when the change planner found that the change had been twisted and hijacked. ; That is - the one who made all these beautiful plans dreamed of prosperity to the poor and miserable, used them, fought and took away the power from the old and then the same planner stole all the achievements from his colleagues . This social and political narrative held Nischal's shoulder to present himself through 'loot'. 'Loot' was an exciting and symbolic allegation on the politics of the time . It was also the emergence of youth psychology at that time.

The boy who made the "loot" was passing by as "black boy" saying "Sali Manparyo" in the same voice. The country was falling into corruption, anarchy and instability "day four times night eight times". And, all Nepali's minds were in a bad state and this pain had to come in one form or another. Time made me and Nischal meet . It was a time when I had just returned from Kavre Constituency No-2, losing Sandar. Even inside Nischal, the flame of anger was burning. Petrol was with me, fire with Nischal. Then who will stop the fire? The number of poor people of the country who left the country due to mental deterioration was increasing day by day at the airport. And in that crowd, Nischal remembered a boy who was not wearing slippers. And dared to slap the corrupt leader of this country, Through Cinema . But, in fact, today most of the Nepalis are sitting with slippers in their hands.

Some are even carrying guns, to spoil the minds of those who spoil their minds. I believe that one day there will be a major rebellion in the country and Nischal will walk in the vanguard of that crowd with a cinema camera and script ready to fight and even die. In his call, many young people will enter the field of that revolution because he has represented the minds of many. Nischal is not just a person, now he is also a cinematic voice . Whenever the country needs a twist, it can be expected that they will come with a certain twist through cinema .

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