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A film based on the life of child singer Ashok Darji will be made


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The film is going to be made based on the life and ups and downs of music career of boy singer Ashok Darji. NRNA deputy general secretary and young businessman Vinay Adhikari said that he is going to make a movie 'Manbinako Dhan Doloki Ki Dhanbinako Mana'. It is said that the film will be jointly invested by Adhikari and Tank Budhathoki.

A film based on the life of child singer Ashok Darji will be made

The producer has also taken a production license from the Film Development Board for the film titled 'Manbinako Dhan Bolori Ki Dhanbinako Mann'. The screenplay of the film is by Shivam Adhikari. He said that the script of the film has been submitted to producers Tank Budhathoki and Vinay Adhikari.

According to Shivam, the main plot of the film is the contribution made by Tank to the music career of the boy singer Darzi and the message about caste tolerance given by keeping the alleged lower caste people in his house. The name of the film is decided from the popular song 'Manabinako Dhan Bolori Ki Dhanbinako Man' which was released five years ago.

Adhikari released the music video of the song 'Duniya Nai Latth Cha' in his own words and acting last week. The former president of the Global Gorkha Society and the current patron officer has been associated with the Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA) for a long time. Born in Gorkha, the official who has been making Kathmandu and London his career center is also an educational consultant.

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