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Partial operation in Bandipur


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"Bandipur Hill" under construction in Bandipur has been partially put into operation. A tourist park and an international level state-of-the-art restaurant 'Drive In' have been partially put into operation for the services of the public at Bottom station under the Kevalkar Project (Bandipur Hill), which has been started for the past 5 years in the tourist city of Bandipur.

Partial operation in Bandipur

Ramchandra Sharma, president of the company, said that the Bottom station spread over an area of ​​about 56 ropanis has been opened commercially. He said, 'The restaurant drive-in and the tourist park at Bandipurhill Batam station have been put into operation since the 1st of Baisakh, while only cars have been operated for internal purposes.' Statues, owl statue, Lord Buddha statue, Lord Suryanarayan's airship, giant Kailash mountain and manifestation of Lord Shiva, Lord Vishwakarma statue as well as wild animal museum, elephant, rhinoceros, giraffe, zebra, zebra, tiger etc. attractive statues, local house and daily use Suprio Mandal, the engineer of the company, said that there is a museum of materials. According to the

company, the tourist park has been constructed at a cost of 86 crore rupees. To enter this park, tickets are arranged for 200 per person, 300 for motorcycles, 500 for taxi, 1000 for micro, and 1500 for big bus.

Five-star hotel Naveen Tower under Bandipur Hill, Sky Dining, Fly Dining, Sky War, Health Club, Ground Dining, Banquet Hall with a capacity of 1000 people, Souvenir Shop, Sky Walk, Edge Walk, Glass Walk Through, Zip Line, Bandipur- Kiran Pokhrel, the Vice President of the Bandipur Hill brand, informed that the project has been carried forward with the infrastructure of Shahsik tourist recreation including the Siddhagufa chair lift. For the construction of these infrastructures, the company has estimated the cost of around 6 billion 29 million rupees.

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