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Nijgarh blast: Investigation on duty killing on those arrested

लक्ष्मी साह

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The police have started investigating the two people who were arrested in the suspected metal blast incident that killed three people at Shahid Chowk of Nijgarh Bazar. The police arrested after the incident Ramesh Jaiswal alias Kawad Malika Bharatiya Nagar Raj and 26-year-old Tikaram Pakhring of Nijgarh-9 and proceeded with the investigation.

Nijgarh blast: Investigation on duty killing on those arrested

Deputy Superintendent of Police Dadhiram Neupane, spokesperson of the District Police Office, said that the District Court has given a 7-day deadline for investigation against them.

According to Deputy Superintendent of Police Neupane, who was arrested for the crime after the owner Ramesh took it to the lathe to extract copper wire from the suspicious metal in Nijgarh, and three people, including the lathe operator Resham Magar, were killed in an explosion during the cutting process. The explosion happened while cutting metal. The police have arrested Ramesh, the owner of Kawad, who used to cut the explosive metal, and Pakhring, the metal seller.

The police said at the beginning of the explosion that a gas cylinder had exploded in the lathe, but later they claimed that it was a suspicious metal explosion and are investigating the incident. Explosive metal has not been ascertained. He said that after the testing of the explosive metal, it will be investigated under the explosive substance offense as soon as it is confirmed.

Garbage owner Ramesh was also injured in the blast. His face is burnt. He is in police custody. He was arrested from Kolhbi and Pakhring Nijgarh while fleeing to India in an ambulance.

'It will be confirmed after the 'forensic' examination of the metal,'' Deputy Superintendent of Police Neupane said, 'The junk moneylender took the metal and took it to the lathe in order to extract copper.'

According to Deputy Superintendent of Police Neupane, the owner of the workshop is 45-year-old Resham Magar of Nijgarh Municipality 5. , 20-year-old Ritu Rajat of Birganj Mahanagar 9 and 35-year-old Rakesh Jaiswal of Vihar Gawai, India have died. He said that three people including another Indian citizen were injured in the incident. According to him, Resham and Rakesh died on Monday while Ritu died on Tuesday.

Injured 20-year-old Arabin Sah of Bharat Vihar Ramghadwa is being treated in ICU in Bayodha Hospital in a critical condition. The other injured, 34-year-old Firod Dewan of Birganj-9 and Arabin, who was seriously injured, are also being treated at the Bayodha Hospital. Another 45-year-old Surya Bahadur Thapa of Nijgarh-5 who was similarly injured is being treated at the community hospital of Nijgarh.

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