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We will complete the incomplete and unfinished work of my prime ministership by the next election: Oli


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Chairman of Nepal Communist Party (UML) KP Sharma Oli has said that the incomplete and unfinished works of his prime ministership should be completed by the next election.

We will complete the incomplete and unfinished work of my prime ministership by the next election: Oli

Addressing the election meeting held on Wednesday at the Tuesday market in Deumai Municipality of Ilam Region No. 2, Oli said that although the projects like road infrastructure and hospital construction that were started while he was in the government were moved forward, they were stalled after he left the government and said that they will be completed by the next election. When I was the prime minister, I had laid the foundation stone to build a road connecting 210 municipalities to the headquarters and hospitals in 396 municipalities, but after leaving the government, all of them have been stalled. Now the unfinished and pending work should be completed by the next election.'

President Oli also claimed that he had shown how UML would develop in the country when he was the prime minister. He also said that UML has delivered old-age allowances to households, distributed social security allowances and done many works including road construction.

He appealed to the voters to win Suhang Nemwang, a candidate made by UML for the development of Ilam Region No. 2 and the prosperity of its citizens. After the death of UML member of this region Subashchandra Nemwang on August 26, the by-election is going to be held in Ilam 2 on May 15. To fulfill the dream of the late leader Subash Chandra Nemwang, President Oli asked Suhang to vote for his son Suhang Nemwang as a candidate.

UML Vice President Ram Bahadur Thapa opined that single ethnic identity will disturb ethnic harmony.

CPN (Maoist Center) Chairman of Koshi Province Hark Nemwang said that to complete the 'agenda' of bringing the communists together, Suhang, the common candidate of the leftists, should win.

In the assembly, the candidate Nemwang promised to develop Ilam 2 if he wins and that the citizens here will not do anything to bow their heads . He also appealed to vote for him in the election to be held on 15th Baisakh.

In this region, 12 political parties and 7 independent candidates are in the electoral competition. Along with Suhang of UML, Ilam Chairman of Nepali Congress Dambar Bahadur Khadka, Milan Limbu of Rashtriya Swatantra Party and Dakendrasingh Limbu (Thegim) independent candidate of Identist are present.

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