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MP Devkota says: People like Mahaveer Pun should be in the National Assembly


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National Assembly MP Khimlal Devkota has said that personalities like Mahavir Pun, the founder of National Innovation Center, should be in the National Assembly. Speaking at the National Assembly meeting on Friday, Devkota also said that the state should respect personalities working in the field of innovation like Pun.

MP Devkota says: People like Mahaveer Pun should be in the National Assembly

MP Devkota said that it is necessary for all three levels of government to support the research campaign conducted by Pun. He said that Pun should be ashamed of the book sale campaign for running the Birgunj agricultural implement factory recently. MP Devkota also requested the government to inform the parliament if there was any agreement with the inventor Pun for the operation of the agricultural implement factory.

'In the field of research, Mahavir Pun should create the desired environment . Not only the federal government, but also the state and local levels need to support Mahavir Pun's campaign in the field of research. In fact, even if it is to be discussed in the National Assembly, the personalities who should be in this assembly are like Mahaveer Puns," MP Devkota said. MP Devkota said that the state should respect those who are simple, qualified, capable and experienced like Pun.

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