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UML Central Committee Meeting: Discussion on public pressure program against the government continues

Leaders' proposals for party purification and strengthening, saying that factions have increased
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In the proposals submitted to the UML Central Committee, it has been admitted that national and intra-party problems have not been properly resolved. In the proposal, it has been accepted that the decisions taken in the past to face the problems and challenges within the party have not been implemented.

UML Central Committee Meeting: Discussion on public pressure program against the government continues

Senior Vice President Ishwar Pokharel and Vice President Vishnu Paudel submitted a proposal in the Central Committee which started on Tuesday, in which the main problems are the inability to implement the decisions of the party, the rise of factions/sub-factions, and increasing anarchy among leaders and workers. In Pokharel's proposal regarding 'purification and strengthening' of the party, it is mentioned that because the work of the party could not be carried out effectively, the confidence of the people could not be instilled.

"Works done under the leadership of the party are not being properly propagated among the people," the resolution says, "The people have not been properly told about the future roadmap made by the party." There is a need for clarity in thinking, strong organization, communist behavior and effective public style. He emphasized on the purification and strengthening of the party, mentioning that the party line should stand in one place to solve the problem.

Another vice-president Paudel has brought a proposal regarding 'the challenge of understanding and implementing the organizational principles of democratic centralism and the essence of a people-based worker's party'. He has pointed out that factionalism has grown within the party, lifestyle has deteriorated, and moral decay has started in the proposal. We are not allowed to adopt a bourgeois style of work or lifestyle. People should avoid actions that they don't think are appropriate. But within the party, from the point of view of prevailing laws, social arrangements and ethics, unfair activities have started to appear," the resolution said. He has also pointed out that problems related to financial opacity and sexual behavior have started to appear within the party.

His conclusion is that membership distribution against the norms is increasing as a problem in UML. "Even now, there are a significant number of unqualified people in the party and their membership is being renewed," the resolution said. ' It is said in the proposal that although there is a right to freedom of speech in the

party, the state and local committees are in crisis due to increasing factionalism. No one has the right to create factions in the party. At present, there is no difference on the question of leadership at the central level of the party. Since the 10th Congress, every agreement at the central level has been unanimous or unanimous," said the proposal, "but the provincial and local level committees are conflicted. We must resolve to end factionalism and strengthen the party. Vice President Paudel said that factionalism within the party should be reduced to zero tolerance.

General Secretary Shankar Pokharel has reviewed the decisions made by the Central Committee on the organizational proposal. UML Propaganda Department Head Rajendra Gautam informed that he has submitted a point-by-point proposal about the action plan that can be done in 2081.

Deputy Secretary General Pradeep Gyawali has submitted a proposal regarding public pressure and public administration regarding the functioning of the government. Gautam said that the 6 proposals submitted will be discussed in 9 groups from Wednesday and conclusions will be drawn. "There are problems within the party, the meeting will be important to speed up the party by solving those problems, to strengthen the relationship with the people, to strictly implement the party discipline and to make a solid action plan for the coming year," he said.

UML central member Neeraj Acharya said that an open discussion is expected on all the 6 proposals submitted. 'The group has been asked to discuss openly and submit suggestions,' he said, 'to make the party a strong opposition, speed up the organization, purification and strengthening as well as the public movement will form the basis.' During the committee meeting, the Transitional Justice Bill (TRC) was tabled by the coalition party claiming to bargain with National Assembly seats. He also commented that the alliance showed lollipops in the National Assembly. "They (Prime Minister Dahal and Congress President Sher Bahadur Deuba) plan to show us chocolates, lollipops and pretend that we will leave the principles, leave the policy and go and get along," he said. We went for two-three days and talked.'' He alleged that Dahal and Deuba did not agree. He said that there was an attempt to reduce the punishment of the guilty in the brutal human rights cases of the armed war.

Oli said that UML's concerns should focus on victims in the TRC and that they should get justice. He alleged that Dahal and Deuba did not agree even though he tried to end it when he was the Prime Minister. It is clear that they have not completed the work of the peace process. Now (the TRC) is trying to make it a weapon," he said. "When the victim is approved, we are approved. If this confiscation is done, feelings of violence, feelings of revenge can remain for a long time and reappear.'

He claimed that the coalition government has failed. When the Prime Minister was conducting a one-year review, he heard only one conclusion - nothing could be done. Now I will try to do it, now I will try to do it, etc.' Nothing else. The government has failed. Due to the failure of this government, the country is heading towards poverty. heading towards chaos. Dissatisfaction is growing among the people. Dissatisfaction is taking the form of anger.

He warned that UML would resist the coalition. The purpose of this alliance is to oppose the UML. It's character assassination. It is an attempt to make UML fall in the eyes of the people by making false accusations," he said, adding, "The coalition is completely against UML. Against this we can defeat democratically and peacefully. The alliance has completely failed.'

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