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Scholarships for students studying technical subjects

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Halesi Tuwachung Municipality has given scholarships to two people who are studying higher education in technical subjects. According to the procedure 2080 regarding the operation of the scholarship program of the municipality, Ward no. Vikesh Silwal of 4 Badhare and ward no. 6 Mangaltar's Heman Rai was provided on Thursday at the rate of one/one lakh rupees per person.

Scholarships for students studying technical subjects

According to Mayor Vimala Rai, for the first time two students have been provided incentives under the scholarship program. "Municipality has emphasized on employment-oriented quality education, for this, a system has been implemented to provide incentives at the rate of 1 lakh to students in the municipality to study technical subjects," said Rai.

Silwal is studying civil engineering at the Everest Engineering College Lalitpur and Rai Kantipur International College Kathmandu. After both of them applied based on the notice issued by the municipality, they were provided an incentive amount of one lakh based on the recommendation of the selection committee formed in the municipality, Rai said.

Rai told that the municipality has passed a policy to provide incentives to students studying higher education in five subjects, including medicine subjects, agriculture and animal science subjects, forestry and environmental science subjects, engineering subjects and information technology subjects.

Rai said that students should apply with proof of college admission to get the incentive money provided by the municipality. Quota is not fixed for this . Chief Rai said that all those who study technical subjects will get incentive money in the form of scholarships. For

scholarship, only undergraduate students can apply. It is mentioned in the procedure prepared by the municipality that in order to apply for the scholarship, the student must belong to the same municipality, must be a member of the community, must be a member of the community, must be a member of the Dalit community, must not have been convicted of a criminal offense, must give written consent to the terms of the commitment letter, and must be studying in an educational institution operating within Nepal .

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