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The crisis in the power equation ended immediately

Agreement between the alliance to support the Chief Minister of CPN-S in Far West
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The crisis that has emerged in the Far Western Province government over the claims and support of the Chief Minister up to the central power equation has been averted for the time being. A crisis arose in the coalition after the United Samajwadi Party (S) warned that it would leave the central power equation if it did not get a chief minister.

The crisis in the power equation ended immediately

CPN-S was split when the main component of the power coalition, UML-Maoist, said that they would support Kailash Chaudhary of Civil Liberation Party (Ranjita Shrestha) as the candidate for Chief Minister. Soon after the

, S stood in the seat of another candidate, Lakshman Kishore Chaudhary (Resham Chaudhary party), with the support of the opposition Congress, and it created waves in the central alliance. If S left the power equation, Lumbini, Wagmati and Madhesh provinces will be affected immediately and in the long term, the government of Federal Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal will have a solution.

Taking this into consideration, Dahal took the initiative to find a solution after discussing it with the President of S. Madhav Kumar Nepal and senior leader Jhalnath Khanal. The solution was reached after Prime Minister Dahal called President Nepal on Tuesday morning and promised to provide the Chief Minister.

Nepal, which was torn from the formation of the Far West government, said that since the bottom line of his party is the Chief Minister, he would agree only if the previous agreement is implemented. Dahal promised to give the Chief Minister in Far West. After that Khanal went to Baluwatar to discuss with Dahal. Unmukti Party president Ranjita Shrestha was also called to Baluwatar to solve the crisis in the Far West. After the discussion between Dahal, Khanal and Shrestha, the crisis in the power equation of the Far West has been averted for now.

Khanal said that the problem arose after the previous agreement to give the leadership of the Far West government to his party was reversed and the crisis was averted because there was an agreement to correct it. "After discussion, the leaders of the three parties agreed to make our party's chief minister in Far West," he said. Currently, the problem has been solved.

Earlier, Unmuktiki President Shrestha accepted CPN-S as the Chief Minister in the first phase after a break in her efforts to pull 5 MPs of her husband Resham Chaudhary's supporters to her side. Only two MPs are in his favor out of the seven for immunity. Due to the ongoing legal dispute within the Unmukti Party, the doubt remains.

UML is the third largest party in Far West. As there is an agreement between the power partner parties, he will be the chief minister in Koshi, Gandaki and Karnali, so when CPN-S takes the leadership of the Far West government, UML will show its support. On Monday, UML president KP Sharma Oli called CPN-S opportunists after standing on the Congress ticket. Oli's statement angered CPN-S Chairman Nepal.

Liberation Secretary and Pratidhisiva Kailali 3 Member of Parliament Gangaram Chaudhary said that the crisis continues due to the dual nature of CPN-S. "The state chief has taken steps against the constitution by rejecting the claims of both the chief ministerial candidates," he said, "we are filing a writ in the court against this decision."

'Our stand is that the Chief Minister should be free,' he said, 'We do not support other parties for the Chief Minister.' "All MPs have to accept the whip of the party," He said.

Maoists, CPN-S and Civil Liberties (Superior) parties have said that they will present the claim of the Chief Minister with a majority. Out of the 51 seats in the Sudurpaschim Provincial Assembly, it is claimed that 11 with the Maoist Speaker, 10 of the UML, 4 of the CPN-S, 2 of the Civil Liberties (Superior) Party and 1 of the Independent Party will get a majority.

CPN-S senior leader Jhalnath Khanal said that a majority government will be formed in the Far West under the leadership of his party. An agreement was reached between the three parties on Tuesday at the Prime Minister's residence, Balutar, that CPN-S will be the chief minister in the first phase and Civil Immunity will be the chief minister in the second phase.

On Tuesday, after the agreement between Maoists, CPN, CPN-S and Unmukti, the Samajwadi Party decided to withdraw its support to Laxman Kishore Chaudhary, who had claimed the support of the Congress as the Chief Minister. After that, Far West Province Chief Minister Nazir Mian again called to submit the claim to the Chief Minister. According to 168 (2), Provincial Chief Mian again called for 3 days time to submit the claim by Thursday evening.

Earlier, Provincial Chief Minister Mian had given a deadline of ten days and called upon the members of the Provincial Assembly to submit their claims to the Chief Minister by Sunday according to Article 168 (2). According to that, Lakshman Kishore and Kailash, two people of civil liberties, collected various supporters and submitted the claim. After two claims from the same party were submitted on Sunday, Provincial Chief Minister Mian postponed both claims till Tuesday saying that legal consultation would take two days.

It was mentioned in the statement released by the provincial head office that when the call was made again on Tuesday, the claims of two people from the same party could not be reached. For new claims, it is requested to submit claims by 5 pm on 6th Baisakh.

In the 52-member provincial assembly of the Far West, there are 18 MPs from the Congress, 11 MPs from the Maoists, 10 MPs from the UML, 7 MPs from the Unmukti Party, 4 MPs from the SK, 1/1 from the RPP and Independent. There are 2 MPs in favor of Ranjita and 5 MPs in favor of Resham.

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