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Best foreign translator expert award to Nepali writer in China

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Chetanath Acharya, a Nepali journalist working in China, has received the prestigious 'Best Foreign Translator Expert Award'. Acharya is the first Nepali writer to receive such an honor from the Chinese Translators Association.

Best foreign translator expert award to Nepali writer in China

In a special ceremony held on Saturday in Changsha, the capital of Hunan Province, Acharya was honored for translating Chinese stories into Nepali language through books and writing. The honor has been granted.

In addition to Nepali, there are also experts from Japan, Algeria, Germany and Spain among the winners of the best foreign translator expert award. Acharya said that after receiving the honor, he is more excited about his writing work. He said, writing is a matter of his interest, but sometimes being honored makes him feel more responsible.

Acharya, who has been in journalism for three decades, has been affiliated with China International Radio (CRI) Nepali Service in Beijing, currently 'CMG'. And has published more than half a dozen non-narrative works. He wrote the book 'China in my eyes' in 2072 and 'China teasing' in 2074. The novel 'Ruiba' written in 2078 won the 'Araniko International Award' in 2079. He has published his latest work 'China in the New Era' in 2080. He has reviewed the economic and agricultural aspects of China along with the political aspect.

In this work, the complete document of the report passed by the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China has been translated into Nepali, while the story of the current Chinese President Xi Jinping's adolescence has also been covered in Nepali language. Similarly, the 100-year history of the Chinese Communist Party, BRI and China's achievements in poverty alleviation are included.

Speaking at the award ceremony, representatives from China International Publishing Group, Communist Party of China (CPC), Hunan Provincial Propaganda Department, CPC Hunan Provincial Foreign Affairs Office, Provincial Education Department, China Translators Association, Hunan Normal University and others said that the influence of the translation industry is currently expanding. And said that technological innovation is increasing.

Since Chinese President Xi Jinping said that Chinese stories should be spread to the world, they also emphasized that the role of translation is important in spreading the practice of Chinese-style modernization.

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