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Some questions raised in Congress transformation

Nepali Congress should think with vision, this is the time for Congress to work to win the hearts of citizens. And this is the time to give confidence to the citizens with the new agenda of Samunnat Nepal.
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The great man, the first elected Prime Minister BP Koirala says, "We should not give up our principles and compromise with anyone." In 2003, when the Nepali National Congress Party is approaching its 78th anniversary, it has arrived at the time to create a strong theoretical ground, a new style of organizational strengthening and a clear ideological vision of building a developed nation through the Congress General Committee meeting.

Some questions raised in Congress transformation

8 lakh 70 thousand Congressmen who believe in the principles, guidance and footsteps of the great man BP 'Political stability, transformation and innovation! Freedom, Justice and Equality!! With the slogan ``Policy commitment of Nepali Congress!!!'', he is hoping that his issues will be included in the ideological brainstorming at the general committee meeting and the party can be given a new momentum.

The central leadership of the party participating in the general committee meeting and nearly two thousand and one hundred general committee members should create an approach to fulfill this expectation of the Congressmen. When the general committee meeting is over, a new awakening should be created within the Congress . For this, the policy of the Congress, which is currently in transition, should be given a completely new shape and the leadership should stand with strong will and determination to implement that agenda.

Almost eight years after the constitution, the Congress is deliberating on the party's policy. Although the Constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, established through the people's movement of 2062/063, clarified the policy issue, the question of implementation is still weak.

In terms of institutionalizing republican, secularism, federalism, social justice and equality, proportional and inclusive governance in the socialist-oriented constitution, the law-making has not been completed . From the question of fundamental rights to the three-pillar economic policy, there has not been a serious brainstorming.

Efforts are being made to hold elections after political change and to establish a political system that sees success only in staying around the power . Even though there are some exercises politically, the literal implementation of the constitution has not yet started.

The covid-19 epidemic and the global economic recession are pushing Nepal towards becoming a failed nation. There is no plan and program based on the program, vision and long-term goals to make the economy sustainable. A solid program has not been made to utilize the infinite potential of promoting religious tourism, which has a strong share in the economy, and to bring in tourists. Frustration is growing among the people. In this situation, the path taken by the Congress will prepare the foundation stone for the overall economic transformation of Nepali people.

Journey to Democratic Republic

Nepali National Congress's V.S. In the report presented at the third convention held on February 18, 2005, the obstacles are numerous. However, the number of members has quadrupled compared to the first year. It is also mentioned in the report that the plot and the autocratic and anti-progressive policies of the rulers have hindered the expansion of the Congress organization. But by 2080, we have broken all those barriers through various stages of revolution and movement.

The country has changed and achieved this achievement due to the sufferings suffered by the citizens along with the Congressmen and the sacrifices made for the democratic republic since the reign of the king, the panchayat system and the direct rule of the then king. In 2064, after the joint meeting of the Congress General Committee, the issue of constitutional monarchy was settled and the party moved forward on the journey of democratic republic. That was the starting point of bringing the country of Nepal under the federal system, which was supported by people's demand. Now in Nepal, no king-maharaja can take away the rights of citizens and impose autocracy by storming the constitution.

The 2064 general committee meeting of the Congress was the beginning of the work to ensure this. Therefore, by turning the frustration of the citizens into confidence and addressing the people's aspirations for building a better nation, the General Committee meeting should brainstorm ideas and reach a decision.

Constitution was created under the leadership of Nepali Congress. After the constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, the last eight years have been politically volatile. Attacking the constitution was also done by the elected political leadership. But after the election was completed protecting the constitution, there was no significant change in the government's delivery to the citizens. Those who questioned the provisions of the constitution suddenly came forward.

The obligation of the state to communicate trust to the citizens by implementing the provisions in the constitution could not be fulfilled . The manipulation of the ancient power has caused doubts among the citizens about the political leadership that fought for change. Foreign relations based on maritime distance are yet to be established.

Nepal's role in the world has not been established effectively. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission and the Commission on Investigation of Disappeared Persons have not been able to work due to lack of legislation. The wounds of 10 years of armed conflict have not yet been healed. Stunt politics has received support . This is the time for the Nepali Congress to think with vision, this is the time for the Congress to work to win the hearts of the citizens. And this is the time to give confidence to citizens with the new agenda of Samunnat Nepal.

The formula of Congress transformation

There is a saying in Sanskrit, 'Eko aham dviyo nasti na bhuto na bhavisati' meaning I am one everywhere, there is no second . Neither was there anyone like me in the past, nor will there be anyone in the future . The working style of the current leadership of the Nepali Congress matches exactly with this statement.

The mandate given by the party convention and the feelings of the workers are not worried all night . There is no plan to strengthen the organization, it is clear that the existing organization has been worked with the intention of destroying it . That is why the general committee meeting should make immediate and long-term policies and plans to free the party from the transition in leadership. Even though BP said that 'our opposition should be bitter and principled, but should never be personal', work is being done to eliminate those who have different views within the party in a planned manner . The leadership must give up ego and arbitrary tendencies. And everyone should have a role in party building . The basic work to be done for this is presented here .

Regarding the active members: The active members of Nepali Congress are more than 8 lakh 69 thousand . But the percentage of active members who fully comply with their obligations is very small. Therefore, before distribution and renewal of active membership, criteria should be determined, training and organization building should be clearly mandated.

leadership development: While the representation of the new generation in the Congress Central Working Committee is low, arrangements should be made to make the Central Working Committee more inclusive and effective, with 60 percent being directly elected and 40 being nominated. Youth between 25-40 years should be represented in 25% central working committee .

Also, in order to establish the intellectual world under the leadership of the party, leaders with experience in various professions and services, including intellectuals, doctors, chartered accountants, engineers, lawyers, and educators, should participate by 10 percent. The proportional system of the House of Representatives should be abolished and the National Assembly should be made fully proportional. And, the representation of all areas, classes, communities should be ensured . The Central Working Committee meeting scheduled to be held in two months after implementing the deadline stipulated in the statute and the criteria for the formation of departments and fraternal and benevolent organizations should be effectively implemented.

Issues to be decided by the General Committee meeting

Nepali political fluidity, people's mistrust of the country and Nepal's insignificant presence on the world stage, Nepali Congress, the power that established the politics of the Nepali people, needed to be held responsible. However, it is necessary to restore trust in the people and workers by correcting themselves about ideological ambiguity, leadership that is indifferent to practical questions and irresponsibility.

There is a danger of losing public trust in Congress as the ideological base is forgotten and nepotism, nepotism and economicism are being applied in practice. When there is discrimination and injustice among party members, those who do injustice are getting the opportunity to go around the leadership . Leaders are happy in restropolitics, 23 percent are below the poverty line and 65 percent are middle and traditional wealthy The political leadership is biased towards the class and five percent of the middlemen, brokers and seven percent of the neo-rich are engaged in favoring .

Rather than merit, sacrifice and dedication, bhajanmandali singers are appointed to responsible positions in the party and government. Congressism and culture are disappearing in ideas and programs. Middlemen are operating in village-to-village, village-to-toll to recruit one capable, skilled, and qualified person . Giving political protection to the corrupt, apolitical, anti-social, laborers, those in jail on criminal charges, wanted by the police has hurt the citizens.

Therefore, the general committee should pass the policy of establishing an ideological and characterful leader, encouraging the members who work in productive fields including education and health as the policy of the party. Those who have been appointed to public positions one or more times for the sake of the party, MPs, ministers, proportional MPs, ambassadors, executive roles and other political appointees should adopt a policy of not allowing themselves or the party to take up re-appointments or opportunities through self-evaluation. This creates a learning opportunity to learn to sacrifice.

A system should be implemented to respect leaders and workers who are constantly struggling but who have not been given opportunities and find opportunities according to their abilities and to distribute the same membership to everyone. It should be arranged that only interested members with high political, social and cultural character can become candidates at all levels . In order to secure the right of every member of the Congress to choose their leader based on faith, belief and positive action, voting rights should be arranged for everyone.

Any member who gets a certain percentage of votes in his municipality should be able to become a candidate for the above position. The convention representative post should be abolished and every central member within the district must stay in that district for 2 months of the year.

Anyone who has acted against the law should not be given a role in the government and party. The saying 'Understand the Congress and only take office' should be implemented . Political culture and Congress culture development approach should be established . The training course of the Congress should be radically improved and the members should be trained by organizing classes. The constitution of the party and the policy to start the amendment process of the country's constitution should be passed. An all-party constitution revision committee should be formed only after a comprehensive discussion on the party's constitution. For the transformation of the Congress, it should be decided that these issues will be addressed in the General Committee meeting.

(author Karna is a Nepali Congress leader)

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