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The splendor of Ubhauli in Khotang

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There is green grass in the bottom of the swamp
Hey, what's the matter? Yes, I love you Syamun...

On the occasion of Ubhauli in Majhuwagadi, Diktel Rupakot of Majhuwagadhi of Dhol, Jhyamta, in the lake of Kirat Khotang, Tanneris of the Kirati community were dancing and singing Sakela Sili.

The splendor of Ubhauli in Khotang

Organized by Kirat Rai Yaokkha, Kirat Seva Samaj, Majhuwagadhi Protection Committee, not only Kiratis but also non-Kirats danced Sakela Sili in Sakela Sili.

In the Kirat community, they perform this sili dance twice a year, Ubhauli on Vaishakhe Purnima and Udhauli on Mangsire Purnima. Yugsan Kirat, president of Kirat Rai Yaokkha, said that it is called Udhauli because aquatic and terrestrial animals breed during Vaishakhe full moon and Udhauli occurs during the full moon of November.

According to Kirat, on the occasion of Vaishakhe Purnima, the festival is celebrated in Ubhauli with the hope that the crops will be good and natural disasters such as landslides and lightning will not occur.

On the occasion of Mangsire Udhauli, there is a tradition of bringing in crops and worshiping nature, wishing that there will be no shortage of grain and no famine. Ubhauli-Udhauli is also considered an important opportunity to meet relatives.

Kirat said that Ubhauli was celebrated in different places of the district on Thursday. San Bahadur Rai, Head of District Coordination Committee Khotang, said that not only Sakela Sili Kiratis, but also communities of all castes and religions dance, it has become a rich culture that develops racial tolerance, unity and brotherhood.

'In Udhauli-Ubhauli, not only the Kirati community but also the non-Kirati community dance Sakela Sili, it has developed as a rich culture', Rai said, 'It should be made more comprehensive.'

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