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'Fake news' to spread disdain for court and media

Emergency meeting of Nepal Bar, demand action against independent judiciary, legal profession and media houses involved in producing misleading and contaminated material.

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The program 'Sidha Kura' broadcast on Galaxy Television, which was conducted by misappropriating the funds of around 50,000 ordinary savers of half a dozen cooperatives, is now being broadcast on YouTube with the same name online. Stakeholders have expressed serious objections to the baseless slander of Nepal's professional journalism and independent judiciary in the 'uploaded' program on Friday morning.

'Fake news' to spread disdain for court and media

"Secret deal to lose 400 cases, Supreme Court judge, Sahu of Kantipur and Annapurna joined" In this public video, "a fictional dialogue was created by creating a meeting that was not happening, and setting up characters".

The Supreme Court's senior judge, Anand Mohan Bhattarai, expressed his objection to this material, which is motivated by the intention of spreading disbelief not only against certain media houses and judges, but also against professional journalism and the judiciary as a whole. Similarly, the Nepal Bar Association has demanded an investigation saying that it is an activity that weakens democracy by making planned attacks on the independent judiciary, independent legal profession and media houses. Likewise, Kantipur Publications and Annapurna Post have also complained to the Press Council and demanded that the group behind such a scam be identified and held accountable under the law.

In a planned 'fake news', a person appointed by the Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority for a sting operation reached the corporate office of Annapurna Post at Garigaon, inside the room on the seventh floor, advocate Kishore Bishta, Supreme Court judge Anand Mohan Bhattarai, journalist Surendra Kafle, senior advocate Hari It is claimed that Upreti, Kantipur Publications Chairman Kailash Sirohia and Annapurna Post Chairman Rameshwar Thapa were present. Advocate Bishnu Prasad Ghimire filed a petition in the Supreme Court on 2nd February 2074, demanding the cancellation of the regulations regarding the 'sting operation' which was being carried out by the Abuse of Authority Investigation Commission to ensnare the corrupt. On May 8, 2078, the Supreme Court issued an order on this writ and canceled the provision of 'sting operation'. This audio material appears to have been composed on the eve of the meeting.

The Press Council has directed that the media should remove the content and provide information within 24 hours and give an answer as to why such content has been communicated. In the letter, it is stated that "transmitting news material without factual basis to harm the dignity and reputation of individuals and respected organizations is a serious violation of the code of ethics and an extreme abuse of press freedom, so that the audio and the broadcast material should be removed and informed to the council within 24 hours".

It is clear from the initial study how dramatic this material is.

1. The meeting is said to have taken place on the seventh floor. However, the sound of children crying is clearly heard in the background. The claim that a child is playing outside a room on the seventh floor of a corporate office sounds ridiculous in itself.

2. As the sting operative is ushered into a secret room in the corporate office, the door slams repeatedly. The group that made this audio broke into the corporate office It seems that they don't care until there is a

ing door.

3. It is claimed in the video, "Supreme Judge Anand Mohan Bhattarai is also inside the secret room." Bhattarai's voice is also heard. In the video, it is claimed that a constitutional bench with Judge Bhattarai will decide the case. While Bhattarai was not a member of the constitutional bench hearing the said writ. When the writ was heard, the then Chief Justice Cholendra Shamsher Jabara along with Justices Deepak Kumar Karki, Meera Khadka, Harikrishna Karki and Ishwar Prasad Khatiwada were in the Constitutional Bench. However, in the produced audio, it is heard that Judge Bhattarai said in the hearing, 'We will let you speak'. A serious attack has been made on the Judiciary itself, alleging that the judge who was not in the courtroom was present at the alleged meeting and made a bargain. Not only Judge Bhattarai, but also advocate Kishore Bista, who is said to be a participant in the dialogue, has clarified that they are not participating in the hearing of the said writ.

4. It is claimed that there was a conversation with the presidents of Kantipur and Annapurna posts in the video. However, the voices of both people are not heard anywhere. There was no reply even when I said hello.

5. As claimed in the video, only the claimed voices of Advocate Kishore Bista, Journalist Surendra Kafle and Supreme Court Justice Anand Mohan Bhattarai can be heard. While all three of them have made it clear that the voice is not theirs.

6. The same sound of children playing and shouting is heard even when the alleged operator calls out of the secret room. At this time, it is said that the sting operator had a conversation with the head of the Abuse of Authority Investigation Commission. However, even in such a conversation there is no double voice.

7. In the audio, it is said that the judge himself asked the authority's sting operation to change his statement in the Supreme Court. While in the hearing of the writ, there is no process of taking witnesses and making statements, there is a direct debate between the sides and the opposition. It appears that the audio was composed by a group that did not even understand the normal court procedures.

There was also a discussion in the Supreme Court on Friday saying that the independent judiciary, legal profession and communication world were being tried to spread mud and create confusion. After a discussion among colleagues, the senior most judge Bhattarai issued a statement in the afternoon and condemned it saying that 'Sidha Kura' has 'distributed material with malicious intent to spread lies and confusion among the public'.

I am surprised and shocked that my name has been linked to the news circulated on social media called Siddha Kura. My judicial journey of almost 43 years is like an open book. The judgment in that case has said that I was not involved in the case in which I was involved. Not only that, I also clarify that during the period when the decision was made by the constitutional bench, I was rarely placed in the constitutional bench,'' said the statement of Judge Bhattarai.

An emergency meeting of the Nepal Bar Association was held after the broadcast of 'Fake News' in the name of Sidha Kura. The bar has made it clear that Nepal Bar Association cannot accept the corrupt attack on the judiciary, legal profession and the media by saying that freedom of the press does not mean sanctity. Bar president and senior advocate Gopalkrishna Ghimire has claimed that the planned attack on the independent judiciary, independent legal profession and even the media house is aimed at weakening democracy. Therefore, the Nepal Bar Association strongly requests the relevant authorities to take action against those involved in producing misleading and contaminated material. Senior advocate Tikaram Bhattarai, who participated in the

bar meeting, said that this material came from a well-planned way to weaken the judiciary and the press at the same time. He suggested that a contempt of court case should also be filed in this matter. The police should immediately start an investigation into this crime under cyber crime, and the Supreme Court should immediately take action against the contempt of court. Because this move is an attack on democracy," he said.

Similarly, Kantipur Media Group has said that the group produced such materials inspired by the purpose of running mob rule by spreading confusion against professional journalism and independent judiciary. In a letter sent to the council by the chairman of the group, Kailash Sirohia, it is said, "It will be too late if we cannot identify and discourage those who are trying to undermine the pillars of the democratic system and indulge in mob rule." So who is behind this trick? The Kantipur Media Group demands from the press council and all concerned agencies of the state to investigate and make them accountable to the law.'' 'Fake news' has been produced and disseminated with the malicious intention of discouraging the vigilance of Kantipur Media Group in favor of democracy and the vigilance against corruption and corruption. However, Kantipur Media Group will not be disturbed by such tactics.' Kantipur has expressed concern that pseudo-persons are using the

technology to create a factory to produce misleading content. "Such groups are not only humiliating honest people and institutions, but also defaming various parts of the government structure of the state. The name of Supreme Court judge and media house is added as the last link of this,'' the letter says, 'This drama prepared by creating an imaginary meeting and making the characters present is inspired by the purpose of spreading disbelief not only on certain media houses and judges, but on professional journalism and the judiciary as a whole. It is clear that.'

Similarly, Captain Rameshwar Thapa, president of Annapurna Dainik, complained to the press council on Friday that the content was created for bias, tried to make it viral and faked the alleged characters. After receiving the complaint, the council directed Sidhakura.com to remove the video immediately. In the complaint, Thapa has said, "I request you to take appropriate legal action as soon as possible, as Nepal's laws and the Criminal Code will be attracted to this malicious news." Journalist Surendra Kafle of Annapurna Daily, whose name was mentioned in the

material, has also written a letter to the Press Council, asking for immediate action against those who harmed the honor and reputation by adding his name to the character assassination. ``Fake audio'' has been created in a delusional manner, in a situation where I didn't say it and I didn't speak it. I want to make it clear that what the character said is not my voice. I also request that the council conduct a technical examination and find out the true facts," he said. He also said that he will fight through the state agencies to punish those who damage his reputation with fake audio.

Advocate Kishore Bista, who is said to be a participant in this audio dialogue, has said that the material is a 'fake audio' prepared with criminal intent. "One of the voices of two people is said to be mine, it is not my voice and I have never been to the Annapurna Post office," Bista said, "the tone of the conversation and the sound of children crying in the background and the comments made about the case, the audio is completely false." It does not prove that the operator of the program has committed a criminal conspiracy at the behest of himself or someone else. Those who commit such crimes must be brought to justice.'

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