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Terrific advertisement of the university for the post of law professor

In order to promote certain associate professors to professors, competition is being conducted as per the old procedure instead of the revised regulations.
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The Tribhuvan University Service Commission has called for applications against the existing legal provisions for filling up the post of professor of law through internal and open competition.

Terrific advertisement of the university for the post of law professor

Although the rules/regulations related to the appointment and recommendation of teachers and staff have been amended, the Service Commission has published an advertisement to fill the posts of 9 professors according to the old rules. Sources of the Service Commission have said that for the purpose of promoting certain associate professors to professors, they are going to conduct competition according to the old procedures instead of the revised regulations. In the revised regulation on October 19, 2080, the points awarded to professors and associate professors for research and publication have been increased. A professor of the University said that the advertisement was opened in a shameful way to implement the old procedure due to the fear that associate professors who are weak in research and publication of works will miss out on promotion . In the public advertisement on May 1st, it is mentioned that only the amendments will be implemented until November 11th, 2079. Lalu Paudel, the former chairman of the

commission, said that the law, rules and regulations that are in force on the day of publication of the advertisement will also apply to the selection competition for professors and staff. "Advertising according to the law that is in effect," he said, "The Trivi Service Commission has also been practicing the same in the past. If the old regulation is implemented, it will be wrong." It has been claimed that it has been decided to implement the last amendment before that, as they have requested to fill the posts of professors.

President Ghanshyam Bhattarai said that the decision was made based on the regulations sent by the executive council when it sent the candidates for filling up the posts. But the Public Service Commission also said that the existing law will be attracted on the day the advertisement is published. "Different agencies demand that the posts be filled on different dates," said an official of the Public Service, "The rules and regulations apply on the day the advertisement is made." Agreed. "The advertisement related to the selection of law professors is from 2077, it was stopped after the case was filed in the Supreme Court," President Bhattarai said, "We have advertised according to the regulations that were active when the executive council asked for vacancies. The new regulation will be applied to the advertisement now.' After the executive council sends the vacancies of teachers and employees, there is a system to fill the posts by the service commission.

After the amendment of the regulations in October 2080, associate professors of the University affiliated to political parties became active to prevent it . Some of the professors are dissatisfied with the fact that advertisements were issued against the law when even the post of member of the service commission was vacant. The recommendation committee chaired by the Minister of Education has reached the final stage of the process of appointing members. While the process of appointing members in the competition is going on, the commission has advertised . After advertisement according to the old regulations, the newly appointed vice-chancellor Kesharjung Baral and registrar Kedar Rizal conducted an inquiry. But the commission has replied that according to the advice of the legal advisor, it has been decided to issue the old procedure . It is arranged that the representative of the Public Service Commission will also be a member of the University Service. At present Madhav Belbase, a member of the Public Service, is a member . He claimed that advertisements were invited in the Tertiary Service Commission according to the rules. He also asked Kantipur to understand the details with the Tertiary Services Commission.

In February 2077, there was an advertisement for 2 posts for the promotion of law professor. The advertisement was canceled by the order of the court after a case was filed in the Supreme Court alleging that Trivi had hidden the vacant posts. The court had ordered on October 12, 2078 to advertise all the vacancies as there were 9 vacancies. The Service Commission has invited advertisement for 9 posts including 7 internal and 2 open posts. There had been attempts to not implement the revised regulations in October 2080.

Some associate professors who were waiting for promotion had pressured the then Acting Vice-Chancellor Shivlal Bhusal to cancel the revised regulation in 2080 . In the new regulation, 30 points are given for research and 27 points for associate professors while promoting professors. By reducing the number of educational qualifications, the number of research points has been increased. Earlier, there was only provision of 21 points in the research . Now, instead of 25, professors can get 16 points and associate professors can get only 19 points.

Previously, graduation marks were also counted in the promotion . In the revised procedure, graduation marks have been removed . Associate Professor i.e. the minimum qualification for service entry is Post Graduation. The Executive Council insists that only the subsequent qualification is suitable for evaluation. For the promotion of professor, associate professor, there is an old system of 25 points in academic qualification, 21 points in research and publication, 40 points in teaching experience, 4 points in performance evaluation and 10 points in interview .

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