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Cancellation of the agreement to operate Brihaspati School in Bal Mandir

During his tenure as the President of Nepal Child Organization, the working committee led by Rita Singh Vaidya and the staff agreed to lease the 29 ropani 4 annas land of the Nepal Child Organization premises to the private school Brihaspati Vidya Sadan for a period of 2131 years without any competition.
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The controversial agreement to lease the land of Naxal-based Children's Temple owned by the Nepal Child Organization to the private educational institution Brihaspati Vidya Sadan (School) has been cancelled. In the plan of the then officials, employees, power centers and interest groups of the organization, the agreement to lease 29 ropani 4 annas land to Brihaspati for 2131 years was canceled on Friday. Along with this decision, the structure of Jupiter in the Bal Mandir complex will also be removed from there.

Cancellation of the agreement to operate Brihaspati School in Bal Mandir

The president of the children's organization, Vidya Neupane, said that the lease agreement with Brihaspati was canceled after finding enough facts and evidence that it was based on bad faith and financial manipulation. "It seems that since 2049, Brihaspati Vidya Sadan has been brought in under the pressure and influence of the organization's then officials, employees and some power centers. At the beginning, Brihaspati, which entered by leasing a small amount of land, is slowly killing the land with the connivance of the organization's officials and employees, and is occupying more than 29 ropani," President Neupane told Kantipur. "The lease agreement with Jupiter in the past did not look correct in any way, the procedure, the law. That's why all this process has been cancelled.' President Neupane said that the issue of the date from which the lease agreement with Brihaspati will come into effect will be decided soon by calling another meeting of the organization. When Rita Singh Vaidya and her working committee officials and employees were the president of the children's organization for 2 and a half decades from 2049, it has been seen that Jupiter was encroaching on the land of the children's temple. The last time in the year 2072, the same Vaidya handed over the land of Bal Mandir for an additional 43 years (until 2131), leaving the previous lease period of 16 years with Brihaspati.

There was an agreement that the organization would get an annual rent of 90 million rupees for leasing the land to Jupiter. After that, after Brihaspati took the land on lease, 5 Ropani was sub-leased to the 'Rai School' run by the Board of India and was charging 60 lakhs annually. The government formed after the 2048 general elections appointed Rita Singh Vaidya as the president of the organisation. Vaidya is the daughter of Ganeshman Singh and the elder sister of current Congress leader Prakashman Singh. Brihaspati Vidya Sadan has also entered Bal Mandir along with Vaidya Sangathan.

When the land of Bal Mandir was leased to Brihaspati, there was no competition. According to the lease agreement of different stages, it was mentioned that in the case of 30-year contract, the rent will be increased at the rate of 5% every 2 years, but the increased rent will not have to be paid for the first and last 5/5 years. The term of the agreement was till 2088. However, on 21st June 2072, 16 years before the deadline, the organization made an agreement to lease 29 ropani 4 annas of Bal Mandir to Brihaspati at Rs 6 per square feet. The organization mysteriously made a supplementary agreement on the same date to assign an additional 43 years to Jupiter, counting after 2088. Out of the land taken from the

organization, Brihaspati leased 5 acres of land to the Rai School run by the Indian Board on October 1, 2076 for a period of 50 years. For this, Brihaspati has been collecting an annual rent of 60 lakh rupees from the said school. While Brihaspati was paying the annual rent of 29 plantations only 90 lakhs. "All these decisions seem to have been made by the arbitrary and illegal actions of the officials and employees at the time, so we have come to the conclusion that this lease agreement should be broken," said the current president Neupane. Brihaspati and Rai schools are now running under the same management. After it was found that the movable and immovable assets of Bal Mandir were exploited, the government formed an inquiry commission under the chairmanship of former judge Haribabu Bhattarai in October 2076. On the recommendation of the same commission, the working committee including Vaidya was dissolved. The

commission concluded that since 2049, with the connivance of the officials, members and employees of the then working committee, the assets of the children's organization were exploited and taken into the possession of individuals, and suggested that action should be taken against those who joined the illegal decision-making process. Based on the report, the Abuse of Authority Investigation Commission and the Central Investigation Bureau of the Police are currently investigating this case. While the investigation is ongoing, the organization has decided to terminate the lease agreement with Jupiter. Vidya Neupane became the chairman of the ad hoc committee from July 2077 after the working committee of Vaidya was dissolved after the recommendation of the commission. After his arrival, a detailed search and investigation and research work was started.

Bal Sangathan had entered into an agreement with Brihaspati on 26 Baisakh 2049 to lease 9 ropani land and house/floor of Lot No. 760 in the name of the Sangathan till 10 Jan 2053. At the time of this decision, Girija Prasad Koirala was the Prime Minister and Sher Bahadur Deuba was the Home Minister. Its annual rental rate was fixed at 42 lakh 16 thousand 608 rupees. An additional clause of 20 percent discount on advance payment was also inserted in the contract. However, another official of the organization claims that the record of when and how much money was given by Brihaspati on rent is incomplete and this phenomenon was created with the intention of financial embezzlement. After 9 years, the Bal Sangathan gave an additional 5 ropani 2 annas land to Brihaspati through a supplementary agreement with an increase of 10 percent on the previously fixed annual rent on 8th June 2058. While Brihaspati sent a letter to Bal Sangathan on 6th January 2057 and asked for only 2 more acres of land, more land than requested was given unnaturally. The supplementary agreement was signed by the then director Rajeshwar Niraula on behalf of the organization. According to police and authority sources involved in the investigation, it was also seen that the officials of the children's organization had opaque transactions with Brihaspati for giving more land than asked for.

At that time, the annual rent of the land that Brihaspati was enjoying was 30 lakhs. Brihaspati proposed to Bal Sangathan on July 21, 2059 to take 13 more acres of land with a lease period of 30 years and a monthly rental rate of 480,000. The Central Committee meeting of the Children's Organization held on July 30 authorized the General Secretary Ramkaji Kone to enter into an agreement to lease the land of 13 ropani 12 annas 1 paisa under lot number 760 to Brihaspati for a period of 2088. At the time of this decision, Sher Bahadur Deuba, who is currently the Congress President, was the Prime Minister. Vaidya was the president of the organization. This time also 12 annas and 1 paisa more land was given than what Brihaspati asked for. According to Brihaspati's proposal, an agreement was made to increase the rent at the rate of 5 percent in 2 years, not to increase the rent in the first and last 5 years, and increase the property of 50 million within 15 years. On the same basis, on August 11, 2059, an agreement was signed between the organization and Brihaspati for 30 years.

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