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Oli retreated from his position in Far West to save the alliance

The UML will not immediately participate in the government led by Long Sodari, whose chief minister is from the United Socialist Party, and the Maoists also did not send a minister

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After UML President KP Sharma Oli quit his position, the leader of the United Samajwadi Party has been appointed as the Chief Minister in Far West.

Oli retreated from his position in Far West to save the alliance

Sodari, who has secured the support of UML, Maoist Center, Civil Liberties (MP from Ranjita Shrestha Group) and independent MPs, has been appointed as Chief Minister by Provincial Chief Minister Nazir Mian on Thursday. Chief Minister Sodari took the oath of office and secrecy before the provincial chief Nazir Mian on Thursday. Along with him, Kailash Chaudhary of Civil Liberties has also taken oath as Minister of Physical Infrastructure.

There was confusion among the coalition parties till Thursday afternoon after the UML instructed the Center not to support Sodari as Chief Minister. After the UML parliamentarians maintained their stance of not supporting until the party president received instructions till the afternoon, Sodari, in collaboration with the Congress, proceeded with the preparations to submit the claim.

After UML's opposition, CPN (S) Chairman Madhav Kumar Nepal started a dialogue with the main opposition Congress Chairman Sher Bahadur Deuba, Oli, who was under pressure to save the alliance, finally backed down and was ready to accept Sodari as the Chief Minister. However, UML leaders have said that they will not participate in the Sodari-led government immediately.

"There is an instruction from the president not to participate in the government immediately," UML parliamentary party leader Rajendra Singh Rawal said. Sodari's purpose of swearing in some ministers could not be fulfilled on Thursday as there was no decision as to who would be made a minister.

Congress leader Narayan Khadka's residence in Golfutar on Wednesday concluded between Deuba and Nepal that if cooperation is started immediately from the Far West government, it will eventually lead to the stage of building a new alliance. Deuba was enthusiastic to make Sodari the Chief Minister according to the decision of the United Socialist Party if UML did not support it. The decision to support Sodari as Chief Minister was made by the alliance after the intensive dialogue between Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal and UML President Oli, who were under pressure after that information came out, in Baluwatar on Thursday evening. Sodari submitted his claim to the provincial chief at four o'clock in the afternoon after UML President Oli directed him to support Rajendrasinh Rawal, the leader of the provincial parliamentary party. Provincial Chief Minister Nazir Mian had previously rejected the dual claim of the Chief Minister from the Civic Liberation Party and set a deadline of 5 pm on Thursday for the second time. "We were waiting for UML's decision. If UML did not cooperate, we would have supported them," said a Congress official. We didn't give it.'

Sodari was the minister of social development during the CPN-era government after the 074 election. He was sacked as a minister by the party and indefinitely suspended from the party, raising ethical questions on him based on the 'audio of an indecent conversation with a woman'. After the acquittal of the charges against him, the leaders of Samajwadi Party had been insisting on the alliance with the Congress, saying that the UML had withdrawn. Although the UML was ready to give a unified socialist as the chief minister, it wanted to find an alternative to Sodari. Even though he insisted to move another person to the last point citing his old background, Dahal and Oli finally bowed down to save the alliance after the unified socialists refused.

United Samajwadi President Madhav Kumar Nepal started a dialogue with Congress President Sher Bahadur Deuba on Wednesday amid the dilemma of UML. After getting a promise from Deuba that Congress will support if UML does not support, Nepal was confident, but it made Dahal and Oli more worried. An official of the UML said that the UML supported Sodari as the Chief Minister in order not to fulfill the wish of the Congress to start the same path from the Far West this time, just like the previous time by supporting the Prime Minister.

'Once the moral question is raised, an alternative was sought to answer step by step when the same person is made the Chief Minister, but when the Congress started to show support, we were forced to support the alliance,' said the UML leader. UML chief whip Mahesh Bertaula said that it is natural that there are sometimes issues of character within the alliance. "After the process has progressed and the government has been formed, there is no point in quoting old things. Sometimes there may be questions about character. It is natural to say that it would be better if the character of the chief minister within the coalition was like this,'' he said, 'but after the relevant party says that this is our decision, a compromise has to be made. It should not be taken otherwise.

46-year-old Sodari is an elected MP from Kailali-4 (1). Sodari, who was elected as MP for the second time, has moved towards unified socialists during the UML split. In the first stage of calling the state chief Mian to submit claims to the chief minister, the chief minister The United Samajwadi Party rebelled with the central alliance saying that the agreement to give a

was not followed and supported the leader of the Civil Liberation Party Lakshman Chaudhary in the alliance with the Congress. The provincial chief, who has been keeping the claims of the two people, has canceled the double claims after the alliance reached an agreement to give the chief minister to the unified socialists, and called for them to submit claims for the formation of the government again.

This role of the state chief has been interpreted by the opposition Congress as an act of breaking the constitution. Congress spokesperson Prakasharan Mahat said that despite claiming majority, the provincial chiefs have acted as a shadow of the coalition and violated the constitution. Congress president Deuba concluded that the Sudurpaschim province chief Mian violated the constitution in a discussion between party officials and ex-officers available in Kathmandu on Thursday to discuss the talks with Nepal and the strategy the party should take. Mahat said that in Gandaki, Sudurpaschim and Koshi, the ruling party has violated the constitution and the party has also discussed it with senior lawyers. The Congress has objected to Chief Minister Khagraj Adhikari playing an executive role after the Supreme Court ordered the Gandaki state government to remain in a functioning position. In the Far West, on 2nd Baisakh, with the support of the majority MPs from the Congress, the United Socialists, and the Civil Liberation Party, MP Lakshman Chaudhary of the Civil Liberation Party submitted a claim that the state chief Nazir Mian violated the constitution by not appointing a chief minister.

There was no need for the provincial head to wait for the appointment of the Far West Chief Minister. "It is a violation of the constitution that the head of the state does not appoint the chief minister on the grounds that the integrated socialists do not support it," Mahat said, "We have also consulted legal experts on this matter."

The writ filed by the then Chief Minister Surendra Pandey against the principles propounded by the Supreme Court is currently under consideration in the Supreme Court. In the preliminary hearing on 29th of Chait, the court had ordered to work in a temporary capacity. However, the Congress concluded that since the chief ministerial officer acted as a full executive, it was in contempt of court. "There is also a discussion about going to court against contempt of court," Mahat added.

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