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Citizens of remote areas are not accessible to banks

Distribution of Social Security Allowance by reaching villages
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Although the government has mandated the distribution of social security allowances through the banking system, in the remote villages here, the local level still carries cash and delivers it from village to village. Although banks have reached all the ten local level centers of Achham, the citizens receiving allowances have not been able to reach the banks.

Citizens of remote areas are not accessible to banks

Because of the geographical difficulty, the distance between the wards and the tolls from the center of the local level is very high, the local levels including Turmakhand, Dhakari, Chowrapati and other local levels take the help of banks and security personnel to deliver security allowances to the villages every three months.

After the formation of the local level, the government decided to provide bank branches at all local levels from 2073 and also to send the social security allowance directly from the bank to the individual's account. Before the government took such a decision, the ward secretary used to distribute social security allowances from tol to house. But in remote areas, even now, allowances are being distributed in the ward with the help of local level employees, bank employees and even security personnel.

Dhan Bahadur Thapa, Chief Administrative Officer of Chowrapati Rural Municipality, said that once every three months, he goes to the ward office and distributes allowances to those who cannot come to the bank. Prabhu Bank's branch is in the center of the village. The distance between the bank and the ward is too much. As Savik's village has been made into a ward, we go to the ward for the convenience of disabled and elderly people who receive allowances,' he said. Thapa said that carrying cash is a problem even with security personnel.

Thapa said that since the toll is too far from the ward office, most of them miss it. The team will go and distribute He said that those who miss the time are given from the bank.

Dhakari Rural Municipality, which is geographically remote, is also distributing allowances by going to the wards with the help of banks and security personnel, said Vikram Bohra, information officer of the rural municipality.

At least 15 senior citizens in one ward are unable to reach the ward. In their case, we have even reached their homes and given them," he said, "the police station itself does not have enough manpower. We have not been able to guarantee much security while carrying cash rupees . So far, no untoward incident has occurred. But there is fear.'

According to him, in most of the villages of ward number 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, there is a situation where the allowance has to be distributed in one day. Rajendra Kuwan, head of Sanfebagar Municipality, said that despite distributing the allowance in collaboration with the bank, it could not be continued for the second time.

We have tried to go to the ward without carrying cash and give it through the banking system. But it was postponed after the net did not work in the ward. Now everyone has to come and take it at Snfebagar. In the case of the disabled, the person who wishes can get the allowance by bringing the recommendation of the ward along with the approval letter. He said that the residents of Khabtad, Babla, Patalkot, Budhakot, Devisthan etc. of the

municipality have problems. "When you come to Sanfebugger for allowance, it costs twice as much". He said that the car is not available at the time of delivery. '

It will take three days to walk to the center of the rural municipality, Turmakhand Rural Municipality 1 Rahaf and 2 Bhulu have started distributing social security allowances to the wards, said Dumbar Bisi, the chairman of the rural municipality. Understanding the problem of disabled senior citizens who are far away from the center of the municipality, they distributed in cash with the help of banks and security personnel, he said.

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