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Why was the alliance with the Congress broken?This is the Prime Minister's reply

'The alliance which made Congress the first party, that alliance was condemned'
'The CPN (Maoist Center) helped the Congress at the same level in the elections, but they did not get help at the same level.'

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Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal has said that the Congress is responsible for the breakup of the last alliance. Responding to the important issues raised in the Parliament on Thursday, Prime Minister Dahal has discussed the reasons from the lack of support from the Congress at the expected level in the federal and state elections to the decisions made in the Congress General Committee meeting.

Why was the alliance with the Congress broken?This is the Prime Minister's reply

Prime Minister Dahal said, "In the elections, the CPN (Maoist Center) helped the Congress at the same level, but they did not get help at the same level. It weakened the mutual trust, after the election, the leadership withdrew even from the agreement to give the leadership of the government to the Maoists. After rejoining a situation, later in Koshi province, a group of Congress rebelled. According to the ethics of the coalition, that "rebellion" should have been punished, but it was rewarded. In the National Assembly election, that group defeated the Maoist candidate in an ambush.'

Prime Minister Dahal has also said that the alliance was condemned without context in the Congress General Committee meeting. He says that the alliance which made Congress the first party has been condemned. "Four years before the elections, the unnecessary and untimely humiliation of the coalition partners was not prudent and political," he said.

In addition, Prime Minister Dahal has also expressed his displeasure with holding a stall in the Congress General Committee meeting and conducting a signature campaign in the name of religion. "The Nepali Congress, which has signed a comprehensive peace agreement for the establishment of a federal democratic republic and is the main partner in the creation of an inclusive, secular and socialist-oriented constitution, kept a stall in the General Committee meeting and carried out a signature campaign in the name of religion, which created the ground for doubting the commitment of the Congress to the constitution," Prime Minister Dahal said. said

Similarly, Prime Minister Dahal has also said that in the political report submitted to the General Committee, the Maoist people's war has been demonized and the report has been distributed with the intention of correcting the constitution of 047. He says that these things have created an atmosphere of doubt and mistrust even in the theoretical and ideological matters that have been settled in the past. Prime Minister Dahal says that even though we have achieved remarkable achievements in various fields as a government, we have not been able to accelerate. He complained that although he came to do some work in the third term, he did not get the expected support from some members of the coalition. "When I was asking for a vote of confidence in this honorable parliament, I said from this Rostam, I am not standing here for the third time to write the name of the Prime Minister or to hang the photo of another term in the Singha Darbar. In my speech after the completion of my one year term, I had announced that I would not continue to occupy the position if my efficiency was not proven or if I could not bring about positive change and instill hope in the country. I did not get the expected support from some components of the coalition in my commitment at this level,' He said.

Mentioning that he is dissatisfied with the speed of the government, the prime minister said about the reason for breaking the alliance with the Congress, 'I had two options, to continue to protect the position by running an average and ad hoc government or to take the risk of the position and start building the nation according to my political commitment? I chose the second option. The events of the last two days show how risky it was and is. I believe that how effective this will be will be proven initially by the time the vote of confidence is taken. Some people may think my steps are unstable, some may think they are dynamism, but I am not at the center of it, my position is not there, the interests of the country and the people are at stake. I am committed to prove it through the work and results of the government in the coming days.'

Prime Minister Dahal has said that the National Independent Party has also chosen a challenging path to prove itself by going to power. Friends of the newly emerged party Rashtriya Swatantra Party also have significant representation in the government. They had the easy option of sitting on the streets and doing politics of reaction, but they have chosen the challenging path of proving themselves by going to power. I consider their trust in my leadership as a great responsibility,' he said.

Expressing the belief that the scope of the new alliance will become wider Prime Minister Dahal has also promised to achieve the government's goals by standing together. He said, 'On behalf of all the members of the alliance, I resolve that our goal will not be power, but good governance, social justice and prosperity. I believe, the honorable Parliament will take ownership of it.'

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