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Metropolis Mayor's Dust 'Gift' to Minister of Physical Infrastructure

This kind of chaotic behavior, which is not related to the area of ​​work of the Road Division, will not be tolerated in the future: Road Division

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Kathmandu Metropolitan City has piled dust in front of Road Department and Divisional Road Office Kathmandu on Saturday saying that the citizens had to face dust and hardship during the expansion of the second section of the ring road. Balendra Shah, the head of the Metropolitan Municipality, has announced that on the instructions of the Minister of Physical Infrastructure and Transport, Raghuvir Mahaseth, the ring road expansion work has been stopped and he will send a truckload of dust as a gift every day until the work is resumed.

Metropolis Mayor's Dust 'Gift' to Minister of Physical Infrastructure

Mentioning that the people have been suffering for years in the name of expanding the ring road from Kalanki to Maharajganj, on the instructions of Mayor Shah, road dust and garbage were collected and piled in front of those offices. He has also posted on social media with a video of dust pouring in the concerned office. Balen has warned Physical Minister Mahaseth that a truckload of dust will be dumped every day at the place where the ring road is to be expanded.

'If you can stop something that is being done by your vertical order, you can also make it with the same order. For the past 15 years, the people of Kathmandu have had to suffer a lot of dust and hardship in the name of expanding the ring road from Kalanki to Maharajgunj,' Balen said in the status, 'More than half of the pollution in Kathmandu is due to the dust there, so that the residents of the city have to eat dust, and those who have to use that road have to spend more on vehicle maintenance. had to do. And, Kathmandu metropolis has to be scolded for no reason.' Balen wrote further saying that it is not good for the people to eat dust, 'I will send you a truckload of dust every day until the construction work is done.' On the other hand, the Road Division Kathmandu issued a statement on Saturday and stated that this type of chaotic behavior, which is not related to the division's scope of work, will not be tolerated in the future. "The road division Kathmandu will be forced to counter such activities," the statement said, "On Saturday, the city under the responsibility of this office cut the road in the New Road area without permission and reduced its standard width. It was forbidden to cut the road and make it narrower without permission. It is considered that this kind of behavior, which has been diverted from the subject to a matter that has nothing to do with the division office, makes a mockery of the rule of law.

Also, it has been more than 6 years since the discussion of expanding the ring road second section. But so far the expansion work has not picked up speed. Due to the haphazard demolition of roads in preparation for road widening, the dust has added to the misery of the commuters. Since one year, this problem is in various sections from Kalanki to Bashundhara culvert. Preparation of Detailed Project Report (DPR) is yet to be completed by the Chinese company even after a year has passed.

According to the road department, the work from study to expansion will be funded by the Chinese government. According to road department sources, there is no further progress in this. Due to the fact that the DPR was not made on time, the expansion work could not be accelerated. The technical team of China's Henan Communications Planning and Design Institute came to Nepal in February 2019 to prepare the DPR within two months. The team went through the study. But the team has not given its report yet.

The Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport had said that the work of DPR would be completed within two months. So far, there has been no progress in the construction of the DPR and the road department has said that the work will start only after signing by the high officials of the two countries. "Even though the service lane road has started to be built now, it has not been built because it will deteriorate and collapse when the main road is built again in the future, which has caused the problem of dust," said a road department source. Although China has complained a lot that

was not prepared earlier, it is said that there is no problem now. According to the road department, water is poured daily on the dust-blowing roads. The construction of drains and service lanes to be made by the Nepal government is going on. As part of the ring road expansion, the Nepal government had initially requested China to extend the 11.6 km road from Kalanki to Dhobi Khola bridge in Chabahill.

In the G2G agreement signed with China in 2018, it was said that the road will only be extended up to Bashundhara. Accordingly, China will only work on the extension from Kalanki to Bashundhara culvert, which is a distance of 8.2 km. After the completion of the DPR, it is said that the work will be started by making an agreement with China. The government of Nepal had demanded to build from Kalanki to Dhobikhola (Chabhil) in the second phase. China has mentioned that it will work in the third section.

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