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A serious originator of comedy songs

Dumbar Bikel, the creator of songs like 'Bhatkaidinchu Bakhrako Khor Phani', 'Ae Bau Bhaat Khan Aau', famous two decades ago, says, "Songs are the greatest source of happiness in the world for me".

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Two decades ago, singer Prakash Ojha's comedy song 'Hit' was. His popularity was increasing along with the song. However, Dumbar Bikel, the creator of most of Ojha's songs, which the audience liked, always kept a 'low profile'. "Songwriters in particular are always behind the scenes," creator Dumber said, "Songwriters are the heroes behind the scenes."

A serious originator of comedy songs

He is the creator of dozens of popular comedy songs like 'Bhatkaidinchu Bakhrako Khor Pani', 'Ae Bau Bhaat Khan Aau', 'Ae Meri Teete Kareli', 'Taluma Alu Fallen'. "Most of the funny songs sung by Prakash Ojha are my creations," said Dumbar, "Once comedy songs were very popular." But, times have changed now. Dumbar's first song is Ae Hai Meri Teete Kareli. This song was recorded in 2059 and the audience liked it very much. After that, he wrote, "I will give away the goat's cage too." It went the same way. ``Ai Bau Bhaat Khan Aau'' was a hit. He says that

'Ae Hai Meri Teete Kareli' is an experimental song. It was written in a different vein than the popular songs. Creators often create songs using images such as flowers, June, stars, gold and silver. However, Dumbar had written the song by comparing his girlfriend with Karela. The song written by depicting different types of vegetables was very popular at that time.

'Due to the different style from the traditional, that song was hanging in the mouth of many people,' Dumber experiences, 'Anything done differently is sure to be discussed.' The songs continued to become hits. Singer Ojha earned both 'name fame'. Sarjak Dumbar was not recognized by anyone at that time. "Audiences don't immediately recognize lyricists," complains Dumbar, "they recognize the singer first." Then comes the turn of the musician, the lyricist.'

especially Dumber used to write jokes in the early days. In the late 2040s, the jokes he wrote were published in Kathmandu's Bhundipuran publication. Then he started writing poetry. Around the year 2052, a poem titled 'Mero Pyaro Jupadi' was published for the first time in a magazine called Arun. He did not see the common people's interest in poetry. Eventually he changed genres. Moved from poetry to songwriting.

'It seems that everyone understands and listens to songs,' he said, 'Poetry is a genre that is less understood and read. I left poetry and started writing songs.' "At that time, listeners and viewers were very inclined towards comedy songs," he adds, "maybe there were not many means of laughing like now, many people started laughing after listening to my songs." After being accused of violence against children and women based on

songs/music, Prakash remained absconding for a long time. Then the pair of Prakash-Dumbar

missed. Prakash is currently in jail in a human trafficking and trafficking case. After losing his song-music friendship with Prakash, Dumbar gave up the old style of songwriting. He now writes modern and youth oriented songs. However, while writing comedy songs, he has not written songs of other genres. At that time, famous singer Fatteman's voice 'Uhile Uhile many ago ke ke gare maine' and Gyanu Rana's voice 'Yo Manadhin Timrai Chitra' were recorded. The top song of 'Kukhuri Kaan Bol' in the movie 'Daiko Sasurali' is also his creation.

He has recorded many songs in the voice of famous celebrities like Ramkrishna Dhakal, Anju Pant, Melina Rai. Recently, he recorded a modern style song in the music of Raju Singh. Dumbar, the creator of more than 300 songs, is the latest song 'Pani Paryo Pani Paryo Chhata Chani Hai'. This song sung by Melina Rai and Riwaj Sivakoti is famous among the youth.

Dumbar came to Kathmandu for the first time in 2058. He returned to Morang after fulfilling his longing to meet musician Alok Shri. He came to Kathmandu with his family in the year 2067, with the plan to combine songwriting and study. He is also doing his studies while teaching in two educational institutions in Kathmandu. His stay in Kathmandu further enhanced his relationship with well-known singer-musicians and song writers. He said that it made song writing more easy.

Dumbar says he writes songs primarily for self-gratification. He feels like he gets the greatest happiness in the world after creating a song. He adds, "Song is the greatest source of happiness in the world for me." Nothing else can give me as much happiness as this.'

It is difficult to make a living writing songs in Nepal. Except most of the songwriters are making a living from other professions. "Literary creation should not be made as a source of income," he claims, "it is a means of making a small effort to transform society." Creator's creation cannot be compared with price.'

Curriculum Development Center has included Dumbar's creation as a Class 1 class song. His poetry can be read in Nepali books of classes 3, 4, 5 and 6. English books for classes 3, 4 and 5 also include his English poems.

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