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Mechi the Khoya duck flying over Mount Everest

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A bird named Khoya Hash known as 'Bar Headed Goose' which flies above the highest peak Everest has been seen in the Mechi River. According to conservationists, it is a strange thing to see lost ducks in Mechi.

Mechi the Khoya duck flying over Mount Everest

Local conservationist youth Sandeep Luintel found 20 lost ducks walking in Mechi River on Friday morning. As soon as he saw the duck, he immediately took a picture.

According to bird conservationists, Khoya ducks travel from Mongolia, China and Central Asia through Nepal to India and return again. This is a bird that has traveled a long distance. This is the first time seen in Mechi. About 300 different species of birds can be found in Mechinagar, bird conservation engineer Deven Kharel said. He said, "Khoya Hasan" is seen here for the first time.

According to him, this is a winter visiting bird of the duck species. They reach India to escape the winter. When the summer begins to climb, they return to their breeding grounds. According to experts, this duck reaches the height of Mount Everest and reaches South India near Sri Lanka. Conservationist Luintel speculated that the ducks that had flown to India after the onset of winter might have returned to South India when the heat began to rise.

'On the way back, they may have strolled for a few moments in the Mechi River', Luintel estimates, 'the ducks that strolled for about half an hour flew west through the northern region of Jhapa.' . It migrates from China to India through Nepal. It has a record of flying up to 9 thousand meters.

They walk for some time in the river channel that has been broken up. It is assumed that it may have been found in Mechi during that time. When the summer starts, it returns to Thatathalo. Bird experts have a record of coming to the big rivers like Narayan, Koshi and staying for a few days.

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