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The wood loaded in four trucks from Ramechhap was arrested from Sunsari


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The Division Ban Office has seized a large amount of khair wood loaded in four trucks on the suspicion that it was brought illegally by Sunsari. Dharmnath Yadav, head of Division Ban Office Sunsari informed that the amount of wood loaded from Ramechhap and brought under the name of Surya Kattha Udyog in Dharan of Sunsari was taken into custody on Tuesday night.

The wood loaded in four trucks from Ramechhap was arrested from Sunsari

Ba Q 01006 B 2111 brought by loading from Ramechhap, Ba. Q. 01006 B 3349, M. Q. 03002 b 0095 and a. P. 02001 B 0419 truck number was found to be in a bad mood and it was seized in coordination with the police under the direction of the chief district officer of Sunsari, Ramchandra Tiwari. Yadav informed that the truck is being investigated at the forest office in Dharan.

Yadav said that 989.32 kilos worth of 3200,000 kilos worth of wood being loaded on four trucks was seized by the Ramechhapa Division Forest office and the investigation was started. According to Yadav, the seized wood was seized for investigation after the seal was opened on the way.

Division Forest Office Ramechhap later requested Sindhuli police to take control of the situation after receiving a complaint. Police Superintendent of District Police Office Sindhuli Gobindraj Kafle informed that Sindhuli police took control of the truck and left it at Rohbar of Television One office in Dudhauli.

Kafle said that according to the Forest Act, the Sunsari Division Office should investigate. Chief District Officer of Sunsari Tiwari said that after getting the information that these trucks entered Sunsari illegally, he instructed the Forest Office Sunsari and the police to take control.

Tiwari said that a team of security officers had instructed the forest office to conduct an investigation before the truck was seized.

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