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The government will help solve the problems facing the communication sector: Law Minister Giri


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Minister of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Padam Giri has said that the government will help to solve the problems faced by the media in order to bring democracy and good governance. He said that the media played a role in creating the impression that corrupt society is not safe.

The government will help solve the problems facing the communication sector: Law Minister Giri

Speaking at an interactive program on 'Digital Dynamics of Press Freedom-Nepali Context' organized by Digital Media Foundation in Kathmandu on Saturday, he claimed that due to the lack of financial security, journalists cannot be assured of the future and that there is a problem in disseminating fair content. He said that the government is ready to cooperate in this matter.

"If social security is not assured about physical security, how can media workers publish/broadcast news with confidence?" He asked, "Let's cooperate with the state in this area." The government is ready for cooperation.

He said that the media has a great contribution to institutionalize democracy and emphasized that it should be institutionalized. He said that the media should always be accountable and responsible for what they say and write, and by doing so, credibility will also increase .

President of Press Council Nepal Balkrishna Basnet said that due to the lack of media literacy, it is not possible to distinguish which content is created by content creators and which journalists are involved in journalism. "It is not the same to make a video on YouTube personally and to run a news channel after officially registering a media house and following the journalism code," he said, "Society has become confused about the content on YouTube." In their eyes, all the videos are misleading as if they were made by journalists. It must be resolved.

Talking about the controversial video published and broadcast on Sidhakura dotcom recently, he said that the council took a decision at the right time after the first sight of the content that was broadcast was found to be flawed. He said that the council decided to prevent further damage from fake content after reaching the conclusion that the content published and broadcast by the

is almost fake. He said that the publisher and editor of

have apologized to the council and now they have gone to the Supreme Court to apologize, so it is confirmed that the content is almost fake and it is confirmed that the decision made by the council was correct.

'The content which is doubtful and incomplete at first glance, if it is not in the evaluation of journalism and it is not appropriate to keep it,' he said, 'that is why the Press Council has taken the necessary decision.' Puri said that earlier there were physical attacks on journalists, but now the increase in digital attacks is affecting the mental health of journalists. He emphasized that political party leaders should be responsible for this. Presenting the working paper at the

program, Vinod Dhungel, the Nepalese representative of Reporters with Out Borders, said that according to the World Press Freedom Index, the situation in Nepal is improving, but the challenges are increasing.

With the growing influence of information technology, the style of media and the format of news are also changing, he said, and the challenges have also increased accordingly. Namrata Sharma, former president of

Center for Investigative Journalism, while commenting on Dhungel's work form, emphasized that an effective mechanism should be created to control the recent increase in activities such as trolls on journalists through social media.

In comparison to the two neighboring countries India and China, the situation of press freedom in Nepal is better, but the challenges are also increasing, she emphasized that concerned organizations and individuals should be aware of this aspect. Pravesh Subedi, president of the Digital Media Foundation, the organizing organization of

, said that the revolution of digital technology has created opportunities in favor of freedom of the press, but also increased the challenges.

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