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Mamata Vs BJP, Congress and Communists in West Bengal

In an attempt to increase BJP seats, the Congress and the Communists staked out their old reputation by undermining Mamata
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The Bharatiya Janata Party, the Indian National Congress and the Communist Party of India have used their full strength to destroy West Bengal and Mamata Banerjee, who has emerged in national politics by destroying the stronghold of the Communist Party. After Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra, West Bengal is the state with the highest number of seats in the Lok Sabha. The 42 seats here are considered important to form the government at the centre.

Mamata Vs BJP, Congress and Communists in West Bengal

Mamata Banerjee's All India Trinamool Congress (TMC) has not shared its seat share with other parties, despite claiming to be part of the opposition India Alliance. He has submitted his candidature in all the seats alone.

Having won maximum seats in northern and western India in the 2019 elections, the BJP is aiming to increase its seats in West Bengal as it strives to protect its previous achievements. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is constantly visiting here. He addressed 5 rallies on Sunday and Monday. Modi has addressed 17 rallies in West Bengal so far since the election was announced. BJP plans to increase the number to 25 by the seventh phase of elections. In front of Mamata, who is strong in the state, the BJP has been fielding Modi directly. BJP has adopted a policy of using Modi's 'face value' to the maximum to weaken Mamata.

BJP has been increasing its grip here by winning 1 seat in 2009, 2 seats in 2014 and 18 seats in 2019. BJP is targeting to win at least 35 seats in this election. For that, Mamata, who is serving as Chief Minister for the third term in a row, and the weakness of her government, the Prime Minister himself is throwing up a lot in the meetings. The BJP is trying to attract votes by showing the weakness of the Mamata government and by polarizing the Hindu voters.

The opposition parties Congress and Communists are also leaving no stone unturned to attack Mamata. Although the Congress leaders at the center did not speak negatively about Mamata, in the state, the state president and leader of the opposition in the Lok Sabha, Adhiranjan Chaudhary, is constantly aggressive towards Mamata. He has been saying that voting for Trinamool Congress means voting for BJP. Along with the BJP, the Congress and the Communists are counting the incidents of corruption and violence in the Mamata-led government in the state. Communists are trying to get rid of the anger of losing their power. Communists believe that if Mamata and the Trinamul Congress are weakened, they can regain a place in politics, even if it is only a small one.

Devajyoti Chand, a professor and political analyst at Rabindra Bharati University in Kolkata, says there is a close electoral contest in West Bengal. His analysis is that despite the siege of all parties, Trinamul Congress is in a strong position. The presence of minority and Muslim voters is strong here. And, even now, their trust is seen with the Trinamul Congress," he said. "The rest of the votes are distributed among BJP, Congress, Communists and Trinamul. Therefore, there is little chance of the election maths getting worse in Mamata's case. '

The Muslim population in Bengal is 27 percent. Adding other minorities, the percentage reaches 32-33 percent. Mamata Banerjee's main 'vote bank' is considered to be that. Amid the Modi wave, Trinamool Congress's vote share increased in 2019. However, the Trinamool polled 43.3 percent in 2019, after polling 39.4 percent in 2014. Despite the increase in vote percentage, Trinamool lost 12 seats due to the Modi wave. Trinamool won 34 seats in 2014 but won only 22 seats in 2019. For the first time, the BJP made a strong presence in West Bengal by winning 18 seats.

However, Modi's magic failed in the assembly elections in 2021. Professor Chand says that in spite of many sieges, the great success of the provincial elections has confirmed that Mamata's popularity has not decreased. While becoming Chief Minister for the third term, she won more seats than in the previous elections. Trinamool bagged 213 seats in the 294-member assembly. Journalist Achin Chakraborty says that the Trinamool benefited from the fact that the BJP did not have effective leadership at the local level and that the Chief Minister did not have a strong face. However, he told his analysis that the current situation is different from that time. Many ministers of Mamata cabinet are in jail, MLAs are also facing ED and CBI. "BJP has raised the issue of no message," he said to Kantipur, "Since it has been running the government for a long time, anti-government mood has also been seen. These conditions are unfavorable for Mamta.'

The local women have accused Trinamul leader Sheikh Shahjahan and his friend Shibu Hazra and Uttam Sardar of gang-raping and occupying land at a place called Sandeshkhali, which is connected to the Bangladesh border. Apart from that, the incident of attack on the ED team that went to arrest Shah Jahan in the ration scam has also made Sandeshkhali famous.

Professor Chand also says that the current situation is not as favorable for Mamta as it is in 2021. He said that Mamata's challenge has definitely increased as senior ministers and employees of the government have gone to jail in corruption cases and the central leadership of BJP has made it their main election issue.

The West Bengal government has been accused of school admission and ration scam, coal and animal smuggling. Several Trinamul Congress leaders are in jail on the same charges. Some are absconding. Apart from that, BJP got a new weapon to surround the Trinamul Party with the Sandeshkhali issue that came before the elections.

Prime Minister Modi has discussed the Sandeshkhali issue saying that women are not safe in the Trinamool government even during his last trip to West Bengal. Apart from that, the government is surrounded by corruption and the BJP government that will form at the center after June 4 has said that the corrupt will be sent to jail. Modi has tried to win over Hindu voters by saying that he will give Indian citizenship to non-Muslim refugees from Bangladesh, while Mamata is using the issue against the BJP by opposing the citizenship law and not allowing it to be implemented in the state.

Professor Chand says that except for a few seats, the ruling BJP at the center and the Trinamul Party, which is running the government in the state, are face-to-face. "The possibility of communists is very low, Congress can win 2 or 1 seats like last time," he said. Both BJP and Trinamool are trying to increase their seats. The election here has become more like a fight between Modi and Mamata than the party.'

So far, Congress leaders like Rahul Gandhi or Priyanka Gandhi have not come to West Bengal for election campaigning. Electoral analyst Jim Nawaz says that the Congress high command may have taken such a strategy to get Trinamool's support in the center politics. His analysis is that there is a double standard in the Congress regarding Mamata. While the state level leaders are clashing with the Trinamool Congress, the central leadership is keeping silent. Congress has been in opposition in West Bengal for 47 years. There is also an analysis that the Lakshmi Bhandar Lokalyankari Yojana, which the Mamata government is running targeting women, can benefit her.

The scheme, which is providing 1000 rupees per month to 70 lakh women below the poverty line, has also shown the possibility that the attraction of women voters will go towards Trinamul. The plan of 500 per month has been increased to 1000 only recently. Apart from that, public welfare schemes such as free houses, electricity, ration, health and education for those below the poverty line are also believed to have secured Mamata's 'vote bank'.

Monideepa Banerjee, a senior journalist from Kolkata, said that after Mamata got good results in the Assembly in 2021, she was expected to make a clean sweep in the Lok Sabha elections as well, so the current situation is not like that. She said that the Lok Sabha results are not expected to be better than the previous results as they are surrounded by corruption and other issues. "Even in the case of BJP, the situation in West Bengal is not bad, even if the seats are not increased, it does not seem to decrease compared to the previous time," she said with Kantipur, "this time the result is also likely to come in 2019." After the completion of the fifth phase of elections on 20 June, voting has already been done in 25 Lok Sabha constituencies is Now in the sixth and seventh phase, 17 seats of West Bengal are yet to vote.

Mamata who destroyed the communist stronghold

Mamata Banerjee, who started politics from the Congress in the 70s, became the general secretary of the Women's Congress at the age of 21. In the 1984 Lok Sabha elections held after Indira Gandhi's assassination, she defeated senior communist leader Somnath Chatterjee and entered the Lok Sabha. She was defeated in the 1989 Lok Sabha. However, after winning the Lok Sabha elections in 1991, he never looked back. At that time, she became the Minister of Human Resources, Youth and Sports in PV Narasimha Rao's cabinet.

She fought continuously with the communists in West Bengal. She continued to work hard to overthrow the Communists. However, after not getting the support of the Congress in that campaign, the party abandoned it. In 1998, she founded a new party, the Trinamul Congress. Mamata also took the BJP's side to fight the Communists. Atal Bihari became the Railway Minister in the Vajpayee government. Later she joined Manmohan Singh's government and held the responsibility of the same ministry. She was beaten several times by the police in the street struggle against the communists.

His party won one seat in the 2004 Lok Sabha elections. However, after winning 19 seats in the 2009 Lok Sabha elections, she shook the foundations of the Left Front for the first time. Mamata was successful in ousting the Left Front government 13 years after launching the party by securing a majority in the 2011 assembly elections in West Bengal. Since then she has been in the chair of the Chief Minister for the third time in a row. She ended the 34-year reign of the Left Front in Bengal. Communist leader Jyoti Vasu was the chief minister of Bengal from 1977 to 2000. After him, Mamata has set the record of being the chief minister for the longest period.

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