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A billion dollar donation to medical colleges


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A 93-year-old single woman from New York has donated one billion dollars to a medical college. Bronx Medical School, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Dr. Ruth Gottesman has given about one billion US dollars (one trillion 32 billion 64 million Nepalese rupees) with conditions to pay the education expenses of all the students studying there.

A billion dollar donation to medical colleges

The wife of the Wall Street financier is also a former professor at Ruth Einstein College. There she studied learning disabilities, developed screening tests, and ran literacy programs. Ruth received the money from husband David Gottesman. It was only known after the late David, the partner of world-famous billionaire Warren Buffett, left him a billion dollars. Her husband, known as Sandy, made an early investment in Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway.

The Bronx, known as the poorest place in New York, has a high rate of premature death. According to Ruth, the gift money will allow new doctors to start their careers debt-free. Usually a doctor leaves medical school with at least two hundred thousand dollars in debt. In addition, after her gift, Ruth hopes to help those who could not go to medical college because of lack of money to become doctors.

When her husband runs an investment firm called First Manhattan, Dr. Gottesman began working at Einstein in 1968 as director of psychoeducational services. She has served the same medical college for a long time and is currently the president through the board of trustees.

Lately, he is the pediatrician Dr. who is leading the medical college as well as the attached Montefour Medical Center. She is close friends with Philip Ojuah. It was this friendship that helped her decide what to do with the money left by her husband. Ruth and Ojuah's friendship has intensified while the coronavirus has brought the world to a standstill.

While working at Einstein, she interviewed hundreds of prospective students. Tuition there was $59,000 a year and most students were forced to drop out with heavy debt. According to the medical college, more than 50 percent of the students have to pay two hundred thousand dollars when they pass out of the college. In other medical colleges in New York, this number is only 25 percent.

About half of the first-year medical students at Einstein are New Yorkers and about 60 percent are women. About 48 percent of Einstein's medical students are white, 29 percent are Asian, 11 percent are Hispanic, and 5 percent are black.

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