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Japanese sushi Nepali soup

Chong Norbu Sherpa from Dolakha, who came to Britain a decade and a half ago, runs 'Ero' Sushi in London. Started in 2014, his business currently has 23 locations in London. He is planning to expand his branch in America and Europe soon.

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A decade and a half ago, the British government relaxed its immigration policy and there was a flood of students. In the same year, thousands of students also left from Nepal. One of them is Chong Norbu Sherpa of Dolakha.

Japanese sushi Nepali soup

He entered Kathmandu after completing his SLC in 2061. The dream was to become a British laureate. After studying up to class 12, he did 'try'. But there was no success. He also took a language test to go to Australia. But some rules regarding student visas changed at that time. Then after reaching the issue of not getting a visa, he withdrew the application after consultation with the consultancy.

He was confused about what to do next. At the same time, he arrived in London in July 2009 after Britain introduced the Tier Four policy. He struggled a lot in the early days. He did not get a job for about eight months. At that time, Chong says, he survived mostly by taking loans from friends. Later, he got a job at a Nepali restaurant in North Hampton. "I used to earn 80 pounds working 4 days a week," he remembered during the struggling days, "even that was almost enough because I had to go so far from London Plumstead."

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