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Nepali cricket has traveled a long journey of more than 114 years


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Currently, Nepal is on the World Cup cricket ground. But to reach today, Nepali cricket has traveled a long way for decades.

Nepali cricket has traveled a long journey of more than 114 years

In the 1970s, the children of the then Rana rulers, who returned from Britain after their studies, started playing cricket for entertainment in Nepal.

In the year 2004, Chandra Shamser's son Madan Shamser along with Nepal Cricket Association was founded. During the reign of the Rana, the Darbaria Bhai Bhardars used to play cricket in the palace and Tundikhel. Therefore, cricket was known as the game of courtiers.

In 2018, the National Sports Council Cricket Association was registered as a national association. After 26 years, Nepali cricket seems to have gained international recognition. In 2044, Nepal became a member of the International Cricket Council (ICC). In 2046, Nepal became a member of the Asian Cricket Council (ACC). Both these steps opened the way for Nepal's international cricket journey.

In 2052, Nepali cricket team started playing international games after getting membership of International Cricket Council (ICC). In the year 2052, Nepal participated in the ACC Trophy held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for the first time. This was the first international cricket tournament officially played by Nepal.

In the year 2055, Nepal organized the ACC Trophy, an international cricket tournament for the first time. Nepal had a bitter experience of not winning a single game in this competition held at home ground. In the 24 years after the year 2000, the development of Nepali cricket seems to have accelerated.

The opportunity to play international games one after the other, small and big competitions within the country and the craze for cricket at the public level. Due to all these reasons, Nepali cricket seems to have gained momentum after the year 2000.

In 2000, the Nepali U19 team participated in the World Cup and finished eighth. In 2001, Nepal won the ACC U19 Asia Cup at home under the captaincy of Vinod Das. In 2022, Nepal became a one-day recognized country.

In 2007, Nepal became a participant in Twenty20 international cricket for the first time. At that time, Nepal went to Kuwait and played ACC Twenty20. In 2011, Nepal managed to reach the Twenty20 World Cup for the first time by reaching the semi-finals of the ACC Twenty20 Cup held at home. In 2012, Nepal competed in the World Twenty20 Qualifier for the first time and finished seventh. In 2018, Nepal managed to get one-day international recognition for the World Cup selection. In 2023, Nepal won the ACC Premier Cup and qualified for the Asia Cup for the first time. Nepal managed to reach the Twenty20 World Cup for the second time by reaching the finals of the Asia region this year.

It will be known soon how the Nepali cricket team will perform in this World Cup tour. But even without resources, means and government priority, the Nepali team does not hesitate to praise the level of competition that it has reached.

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