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Maoist leaders and their children in the web of crime


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In the 17 years since the Maoist peace process, which emerged on the strength of a decade-long armed conflict, not only has the party's top-level leaders been implicated in crimes and suspicious activities, one after the other.

Maoist leaders and their children in the web of crime

Krishna Bahadur Mahara and his son Rahul

Only on Monday, Maoist vice president and former speaker Krishna Bahadur Mahara was arrested on charges of suspicious activities related to organized gold smuggling gangs.

On December 10, 2079, Mahara and his son Rahul were involved in the incident of protecting Dawa Jinwang, who brought about 9 kg of gold into Nepal from Dubai, in Kathmandu. On October 24, a case was filed against 4 people, including Mahara and his son Rahul, on charges of organized fraud and customs evasion. In this crime, Mahara's son Rahul is currently in the Central Jail while Mahara was acquitted under political pressure.

In the investigation report of the Central Investigation Bureau of the police, details are mentioned that former Speaker Mahara and his son Rahul had frequent telephone connections with the gold smugglers, but in the report submitted by the CIB to the public prosecutor's office, Mahara's name was omitted. Remember, this is not the first time that former Speaker Mahara has been involved in controversy. On August 18, 2067, he was dragged into controversy after the audio of him asking for money from China to buy and sell MPs was released.

Nanda Bahadur Pun and his two sons Jitendra and Dipesh

Mahara is not the only Maoist leader caught in the web of crime. Recently, former Vice President Nanda Bahadur Pun's secretariat staff and his two sons, Jitendra and Dipesh, were involved in organized gold smuggling. Dipesh, who was involved in crimes including gold smuggling and co-operative fraud, was arrested on Friday, while Jitendra is absconding.

Dipesh was also involved in the smuggling of about 61 kg of gold that was smuggled from Hong Kong in a brake shoe in June 2080 and before that, about 9 kg of gold that was smuggled from Dubai in an electronic cigarette vape on January 10, 2079. GB Rai, who was on the run after being involved in co-operative fraud, joined the Supreme Savings and Savings Co-operative Society opened in Butbal as secretary and treasurer.

Jitendra, the eldest son of former Vice President Pun, was recently revealed to be involved in organized gold smuggling. He purchased gold from a Chinese seller by mortgaging the identity card of the personal officer of the Vice President's office, documents with photos made by the municipality and police headquarters to reveal the father's identity, and similar documents. He borrowed four kilos of gold worth two and a half crores for 1 year with the condition of paying 71 lakhs annually with interest.

It has also been confirmed that Jitendra used the access to smuggle gold to enter Tibet through Hilsa in Humla. It has also been confirmed that he was found guilty by the Chinese court for the crime of not paying 4 kilos of gold.

in connection with suspicious character yearly

Maoist deputy general secretary and current finance minister Barshaman Ree's past, if his signature and relationship are found with many suspicious characters . After Dawa Chiring, a Belgian citizen, was arrested for smuggling 60 kg of gold, Barshman was found to have a long relationship with Dawa and his wife Amala Rokamar. Himal Khabar announced that Barshaman's brother Pranish Pun Magar had a business partnership with Dawa, who was arrested in organized gold smuggling.

Jeevan Kumar Gurung, who became his foreign affairs expert when Nanda Bahadur was again vice president, is also involved in gold smuggling. The details of Gurung's relationship with Barshaman are being made public one after the other.

Top Bahadur Rayamazhi and his son Sandeep

Top Bahadur Rayamazhi, who emerged from Maoist politics and became the secretary of UML after the split of CPN, is currently incarcerated in the Central Jail. He has been a secretary in the Maoist party and is also a former deputy prime minister. He was found to be involved in the case of cheating 875 Nepalis by making fake Bhutanese refugees and going to America. His son Sandeep Rayamazhi is also involved in this incident. Based on the police investigation, the case filed by the district attorney's office against 30 people, including Rayamazhi's father and son, is pending in the Kathmandu District Court.

Ram Bahadur Thapa and his son Prateek

Like Top Bahadur, Ram Bahadur Thapa Badal, who joined the UML after the division of the CPN, continues to be involved in controversy. Lately, Badal's son Prateek was involved in the case of fake Bhutanese refugees. Pratikamathi is currently absconding while the case against him is pending in the Kathmandu District Court for organized crime, crime against the state, fraud and fraud. When Babu Ram Bahadur Thapa was the Home Minister, Pratik has been accused of colluding with a gang to extort money in the refugee case.

When Badal was Home Minister, his security adviser and former Maoist MP Indrajit Rai is one of the main gangs in the case of fake Bhutanese refugees. It has been confirmed that Indrajit collected money together with Thapa's son Prateek and middlemen and invested that money in real estate transactions. He is currently under remand custody in the Central Jail by the order of the court.

from Amala Magar to Shamser Mian

Close to Maoist Rolpa Kathmandu From Amala Magar close to Maoist on the stage, he seems to be involved in crime in Nepal Haj Committee Chairman Shamser Mian . Amala, who is the wife of Dawa Chiring, a Belgian citizen of Tibetan origin, who is a Chinese gold smuggler, is now absconding. Amala and Dawa seem to have run the organized crime business by extending ties to all the top leaders of the Maoists. A gang of gold smugglers, a Belgian citizen of Tibetan origin, Dawa Chiring, gave a fake Nepali citizenship in the name of Pasang Tamang to another Chinese citizen in the name of Nima Tamang.

Shamser abused his power and ran a business with the accused in the case of fake Bhutanese refugees. After he was arrested in Sihandarbar last May, it was found that he had taken protection of Maoist leaders to run the business of fake refugees.

Prithvi Bahadur Shah, who is known as a person who used the power and access of the Finance Minister to cheat the money in the American citizen's bank account through Internet phishing, i.e. fraud, and used the power and access of the Finance Minister to enter Nepal illegally, took the political protection of the former Finance Minister Jarnadan Sharma .

Prithvi Bahadur, who was also associated with the Sanglan gang in the business of taking Nepalese citizens as fake Bhutanese refugees to America, was accused of defrauding 56 American citizens and used the access of Maoist leader and former Finance Minister Jarnadan Sharma to enter Nepal illegally.

Janardan Sharma's protection

To what extent was Janardan Sharma's political protection over him, Finance Minister Sharma had written a direct letter to the Rashtra Bank in March 2078 denying jurisdiction to release the money he was trying to bring in illegally. Garbnar Mahaprasad Adhikari, who refused to stop the investigation and reveal the money brought by the gang, was suspended by Finance Minister Sharma by decision of the Council of Ministers. The Supreme Court reinstated the suspension of the governor officer as being against the law.

Maoist's top leaders are not the only ones involved in crime. Incidents of state level leaders also being involved in crimes have been made public. Just a few weeks ago, the Abuse of Authority Investigation Commission filed a case in the special court on charges of misappropriation of about 59 bigha of public land in Ratuwa and Dipini river bank areas in Damak, Jhapa. Chief among the 359 accused in this case is Revatraj Puri alias Gagan, treasurer of the Maoist Koshi Pradesh Committee of the Maoists. Puri, who was accused as the main planner of land grabbing, is a person convicted by a special court in a property laundering case on February 6. The special court imposed a fine of 43 million 34 thousand on him .

Lharkyal Lama

Maoist central member and former parliamentarian Lharkyal Lama is also a character in the controversy. Recently, the background of Lharkyal, who is the vice-chairman of the Lumbani Development Fund, also seems suspicious. In the past, he has been arrested and escaped on charges such as foreign employment, weapons, acquisition of wealth, dual citizenship and passport.

In the year 2067, after becoming the Minister of State for Finance in the government led by Jhalnath Khanal, he resigned from the post of minister within 10 days after the dual citizenship and passport dispute arose. He became a proportional member of the UML in 2006 and joined the Maoists in 2070 and became a member again. Despite being involved in continuous controversies, the Maoist leadership sent him as the vice president of the Lumbini Development Fund.

The incidents of Maoist leaders and their children and their associates in one public incident after another has raised a serious question whether the Maoists have been criminalized. On the one hand, there are incidents involving top leadership crimes, on the other hand, the size of the Maoists is shrinking in every election after the peace process.

Maoist who won 220 seats directly and proportionally in the first Constituent Assembly election was reduced to 80 seats in the second Constituent Assembly election. Maoists, who were limited to 53 seats in the parliamentary elections of 2074, were limited to 32 seats in the parliamentary elections of 2079.

Maoist's continuous agitation in the parliamentary elections and the direct and indirect complicity of Maoist's top leaders in the crimes that have been made public one after the other has made it necessary to question whether the future of Maoist is heading towards its demise.

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