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Five batsmen to watch in the World Cup


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Now Twenty-20 Cricket World Cup 2024 is not too far, starting from Sunday. With the arrival of the ninth edition of the World Cup, the way Twenty20 cricket is played has changed. Now even scores of 200 have started to become normal.

Five batsmen to watch in the World Cup

Moreover, even defending a score of two hundred has become difficult. To say this, in this format of cricket is to be battered. The batsmen also have the highest strike rates. The ball is less facing, but it can hit big even with this low ball.

A total of 20 teams are participating in the World Cup this time. Initially there are four groups, five teams in each group. At the end of the league stage, two teams from each group will enter the Super-Eight. Then semi-finals and finals. If the view of cricket is South Asian, along with the host West Indies, India, Pakistan, England and Australia are the teams that can present a strong challenge for the title. From that point of view, these could be the top five batters to watch.

Virat Kohli, India

Virat Kohli's Royal Challengers Bangalore failed to win the Indian Premier League (IPL) yet again. Bengaluru reached the play-offs after winning six games in a row, but the story remained the same. Once again, Kohli's performance with the bat was good for Bengaluru. Maybe, he will be the highest run scorer in this IPL. In this way, he will be the main player for India in the next Twenty20 World Cup, even more than captain Rohit Sharma. The biggest accusation leveled at Kohli in this IPL is batting at a slow strike rate. At a time when the strike rate is incredibly high in Twenty20 cricket, he has to improve on it. Kohli's international cricket career may not be long now. So, personally, Kohli also wants to leave his mark in this World Cup.

Babar Azam, Pakistan

The leadership of the Pakistan Twenty20 team has once again come to Babar Azam and this is a natural and correct decision. If a player of his caliber is not given the captaincy, the question may be who will give it to him. There is no one else who can lead the Pakistan team before his personality. It is certain that the Pakistani team will depend more on the performance of captain Azam. Some cricket pundits praise him a lot, because he scores runs freely, plays big innings. Another type of cricket pundits believe that Azam scores runs, but most of them are against weaker teams.

happens more often with Kohli than with Azam. As much as Kohli, Azam will also be under intense pressure to improve his individual performance in this World Cup. His failure will mean a major reason for Pakistan cricket's underperformance.

Joss Butler, England

England is playing this World Cup as the defending champion. England defeated Pakistan in the final of the last edition. Once again England will be strong contenders for the title, as England have no shortage of specialist players in whiteball cricket. This includes one, Jas Balter. Not only does he play the role of a wicketkeeper with precision, he is equally aggressive with his bat. The captaincy of the England team is also in his hands, so how he starts the innings will depend on the performance of the team. His performance in IPL 2024 for Rajasthan Royals has been good. He played some very special innings, which garnered a lot of buzz and appreciation. He played particularly well as an impact player. For Butler, this World Cup may also be his last major tournament.

Nicholas Puran, West Indies

The West Indies team is no longer the same in white ball cricket as it used to be. This time the World Cup is being held in their own land, so West Indies this time will be different from other times. As an individual player, I have no complaints with the West Indies team. The only question is how these players will come together and perform for the team. On this basis, the main player of the team may be Nicholas Puran. These Trinidad batsmen tend to come out aggressively in the middle order. He is adept at hitting big shots especially towards the end of the innings. Until recently he was the captain of the limited overs cricket team of the Carryball team, but later he did not want to continue this responsibility. Perhaps he wants to play free from the burden of captaincy. If the West Indies are to return to their old image at home, Pooran will need to contribute with speed with the bat.

Glenn Maxwell, Australia

Glenn Maxwell also played an important role in Australia's victory in the ODI World Cup in India. Especially against Afghanistan, the way he single-handedly brought Australia to victory from the danger of defeat, that was an unprecedented and rare performance. The question is, can Maxwell repeat a similar performance for Australia? Australia is equally strong in ODI cricket, but the same fact may not apply in Twenty20 cricket. Therefore, the entire team will be under some kind of pressure. Maxwell usually bats in the middle order, so his turn in Twenty20 cricket often comes towards the end. This means hitting the ball farther towards the end of the innings. Maxwell is also capable of this. If you look at the name alone, there is one player in the Australian team. Even then, Gaxwell can be decisive.

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